Benefits of Choosing Wireless Home Security Systems over Wired ones

Benefits of Choosing Wireless Home Security Systems over Wired ones

Wired security systems have been around since the beginning of the security industry but in a constantly changing world like ours, the day when it slowly starts becoming obsolete, even with the amount of useful features it offers, was bound to arrive. Going wireless has become the trend of the decade because apparently, ‘less’ is more. Sticking to that trend, joining its distant cousins the wireless earpods, speakers & other electronic gadgets family, is the wireless home security camera.

At the dawn of the industry, wired systems were the collective Sun in the Solar System that was home security. But the advent of the new wireless camera system, these older systems are slowly going out of business; it is time for the sun to set. Some of the drawbacks of the Wired Home Security Systems are listed below:

  1. These systems had to be directly installed into the electrical system of the home or office in question and required intricate wiring & drilling to be done. This made the installation process significantly expensive, even with the added factor of regular maintenance not being a requirement.
  2. Since they required such an elaborate installation process & are linked to the home’s electrical & sometimes landline systems, the wired security systems are extremely difficult to uninstall as well and are of a more permanent nature. Shifting the system from one area to another without uninstalling is absolutely out of the question.
  3. Wired systems are vulnerable to a pair of pliers, because if the perpetrator decides to disconnect the electrical wires connected to the house, the system will become nothing but a useless bunch of extra wires.
  4. These systems can be controlled from only one master control unit, unlike wireless systems which can be remotely controlled. Large coverage areas may require additional control units, upping the already high installation costs.

The benefits of a wireless home security system over the wired ones are as follows:

  1. Wireless systems are quick, easy & cheap to install, can easily be shifted due to its wireless nature without any hefty or difficult uninstallation processes. They are also very easy to upgrade & modify.
  2. The degree of protection offered due the systems being wireless is greatly increased because something as simple as just cutting the wires will not disable or affect in any way the security system that you are paying for. Though it is vulnerable to hacking, cyber security has been making astounding leaps in this regard and that liability is soon to be overcome.
  3. Remote operation is a characteristic feature of a wireless security system. This allows you to disarm or arm the system with a single tap of your phone screen as well as access the ‘panic’ system services from your device, completely removing the cumbersome need of accessing the main control panel every time you need to make a change.

These systems have emerged as a yet another aspect of home automation and are fully capable of integrating seamlessly & perfectly with your other home automation products such as locks, lights or temperature control.

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