What Points You Need To Be Aware About Dealing with Cancer During Pregnancy

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Pretty much on the rarer side, as per oncology in pregnancy cancer appears to be a rare phenomenon. The chances of you becoming pregnant when you are treated for cancer would also be on the higher side. Pregnancy is not going to cause cancer, and when you become pregnant the cancer would not grow at a fast pace in your body. There are some hormone changes that stimulate the growth of cancer, but this is once a rare occurrence.
Cancer is not going to have an impact on the unborn baby, but there are certain therapies which are going to be a definite risk. You need to work closely with your doctor to figure out which are the treatment options that work for you as well as the health of your baby. Let us now figure out as per oncology pregnancy medicine on how to treat and cure cancer when you are pregnant.
In general, cancer does appear to be a rare occurrence when you are pregnant. Numbers indicate that 1 out of 1000 women do suffer from some form of cancer when they are pregnant. But experts are of the opinion feel that the number of women with cancer is going to increase as more and more women are waiting in terms of age for the child to be born. Once you age the risk of cancer increases. Out of the various types of cancer during pregnancy breast cancer appears to be the most common one.
When you have cancer it would lead to a situation where you might be forced to terminate the pregnancy. But in some cases, you might have to deliver the baby well before plan. The health care team along with the mother would need to ascertain the positives and the challenges of dealing with pregnancy and cancer. With your regular doctor, you might have to get in touch with an oncologist. One thing is for sure you are likely to have a lot of doctor appointments in comparison to a lady who does not have cancer. 
Experts are still not clear on how cancer can have an impact on the unknown baby. In case of some cancer, it is possible to spread from the mother to the placenta. There is some cancer that does have an impact on the fetus.  In the rarest of cases like melanoma cancer could spread over from the placenta to the uterus.
Once the baby is delivered the doctor is going to check you once again for any type of cancers. If the baby appears to be healthy they would not need any additional form of treatments. There are some cancer treatments that can cause considerable harm to the developing baby. This risk does appear to be all the higher in the first 3 months of pregnancy that is referred to as first trimester. It is that point where the organs along with the structure of the baby develop.
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