Do cold sores pose to be a major danger during pregnancy?

Do cold sores pose to be a major danger during pregnancy

Cold sores also referred to as fever blisters. Around the mouth or lips small blisters tends to appear. In the region across the blisters skin appears to reddish in colour. The blisters could open up; a fluid might leak and after a few days may scrap over. In order to heel it might take a couple of weeks.

HSV virus is the main reason behind cold sores. They can be classified as HSV1 and HSV 2 virus. Is cold sore dangerous during pregnancy as this virus entering the human body through skin or opening of the mouth. In most cases it spreads by physical contact.

The symptoms emerging from cold sores?

Cold sores during pregnancy are a common occurrence. Around your lips and mouth you might witness some pain. Possibility of a sore throat and pain around the glands also exist. Once blisters emerge, the cold sores appear, leaking a fluid over the crust and might disappear after a couple of weeks. In case of some people cold sores might be a problem whereas in case of others they might have the virus but no symptoms of cold sores appear.

Diagnosing of cold sores

The doctor can figure out if you have been diagnosed with cold sores or not. A few basic questions on whether you have come in contact with the virus is asked and some tests. Apart from a medical exam you are not going to need any other tests.

The treatment of cold sores

Even with a few days the cold sores would heel on its own. But if it becomes a cause of embarrassment then by medical creams or ointments it can be treated. Just the treatment could help you to tackle cold sores a couple of days earlier but it would ease the pain at a considerable level.

Virus of herpes simplex causing cold sores cannot be cured. Once you are infected the virus would set base in your body throughout the life. In suffering from cold sores from a regular basis you can cut down on the intensity aspect.

In case if you have a weak immune system and you go on to foster cold sores, then higher doses of medicines might be called for to reduce frequent outbreaks of cold sores.

The manner by which you can prevent cold sores?

  • Do not establish contact with the infected person in the form of kissing
  • Do not share any form of utensils with a person suffering from cold sore
  • There are things that trigger cold sores like flu, stress or even cold, so better to keep away from them
  • The moment you are suffering from a cold sore it is better to wash your hands very often. Do not touch the sore as it would prevent it from the virus spreading
  • Do not share towels which a person suffering from cold sore would have used

The above tips would be of immense help in keeping incidence of this disorder to a minimum level.

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