Elements And Features Of The Perfect Women and Mens Winter Jackets

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Elements And Features Of The Perfect Women and Mens Winter Jackets 1

Winter jackets can be a boon during extreme cold but can be a bane if the wrong material, size or weight is chosen. Shopping for quality is more important than quantity. Two reliable jackets are better than five unreliable ones. Since winter varies in different parts of the world, a jacket ideal in the west might not be suitable for winters of the east. The region is also important while purchasing winter jackets for girls and boys.

The criteria for buying winter jackets:

There are mainly two criteria to be considered while looking for jackets:

  • Temperature and Climate:

Different jackets work for different types of climate and outside temperature. A thick jacket might be necessary for extreme cold but a windcheater or a windbreaker might be appropriate for windy conditions.

Lighter jackets are perfect for slightly cold weathers but a bulky and thick jacket is a necessity more than a requirement in very cold weather.

  • The Intensity of Situation:

While planning a hiking or camping in snowy areas, compact and lightweight jackets are recommended. These adventure sports usually goes on for multiple days. In this situation, compact winter clothing helps in regulating body temperature, allows storing water, energy drinks and bars and can also be stored in a backpack.

In shorter hikes or normal outside walk, a less compact jacket can be a good option. You don’t have to carry anything with you and need to be out for a small period of time.

Technical and Casual Winter Jackets:

There are two main types of mens winter jackets.

Technical winter garments aren’t just suitable for dayglow but offer trim fit and athletic movement. These include water bottle storage pouch, compatible hood, zippers and is made with highly durable materials for prolonged use.

Casual winter garments do not focus on weight and size and pack enough warmth, weather protection, comfort, and style. It has in-built insulation and is suitable for low output activities like an outside walk, ice skating or commuting. They have internal smartphone pouch, removable hood, and roomy fit.

Elements of a quality jacket:

Before buying winter jackets for girls and boys look for certain elements and distinguishing factors.

  • Outer shell:

It is a thin waterproof covering or barrier for the jacket. It offers protection from rain, wind, and snow. It is most useful for an overnight camping or road trip. They feature two or three-layered membranes acting as the cold barrier.

  • Insulation:

The insulation jackets trap body heat providing warmth and comfort. There are three types of insulation- feathers, synthetic fibers, and synthetic fleece. There function is the same.

  • Hybrid Insulation:

Hybrid insulation works towards maximizing the jacket performance by insulating heat with respect to the body heat.

Zippers, hoods, and pockets are important features of a good winter jacket. Fur-trimmed hoods are great for preventing the air from entering through ears, pouches, and pockets helps in storing bottles, headphones, etc.

Finding the best women and mens winter jackets can be a hectic task. But checking for various elements, features, outside temperature and intensity of the situation can narrow down the choices and make purchasing jackets easier.

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