Enhancing Back Up Of Your UPS Battery With Simple Tips

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Enhancing Back Up Of Your UPS Battery With Simple Tips

Power cuts and Indian household have a viable relationship.  A lot has got to do with scare power outputs. Imagine after a hectic day at work, when you reach home a frustrating power cut ruins your mood. You can opt for an inverter trolley online purchase; though it is necessary that you maintain home UPS battery in a proper way. Recently if you have purchased a home UPS then you might be confused on where to seek advice. Below are a few tips ensuring optimum performance of your battery in the process extending its long life?

Do not overload the battery

Disconnect devices which require a heavy power requirement to operate. Restrict your connections to appliances or gadgets that you cannot afford without. If you cut off the excess load you will see a significant difference in back up of a home UPS battery.

Ensuring that the battery is fully charged

For a home UPS battery to function efficiently it is important to charge it fully. After installation of battery check whether it is fully charged. If no power cuts are there plug off the battery and once again recharge it.

Move over to power saving fans and lights

 Rely on energy efficient lights or fans to reduce power consumption. If low power is consumed less burden on your battery assures contributing to more saving on electricity costs. For example power consumption of a normal bulb is less when you compare it to a CFL. Do opt for highly integrated fan with LED lights which top quality brands provide.

Water level

After every 40 days or so check out the water levels. Do keep in mind that water level maintenance occurs between maximum and minimum water levels. Topping up of the battery with refined water is the key. Keep away from rain water or tap water as it is loaded with chemicals or contaminants. This can have adverse effect on performance or life of a battery.

Keep an eye on corrosion

The terminals of a battery need to be kept rust free. Via rusting it can have adverse effects on performance of a battery. If corrosion in terminals occurs it can alter power flow to and fro from a battery. Current flows in a limited stream paving way for moderate charging of batteries. This tends to diminish battery life and towards the end has considerable impact on the performance of your home UPS system. If by any chance the terminals get corroded, do pour boiling water on the region affected. Then use a toothbrush in order to clean the region. Such an act would drive away corrosion. The moment terminals become clean, on to the terminals pour some oil, bolts or nuts to cut off corrosion.

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