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Tik Tok Ads

If 2020 brought us anything positive, it was the emergence of Tik Tok as a platform for business. Tik Tok boasts a user base of over 800 million monthly users, most being millennials and Gen Z. Marketers know that those two generations are more willing to shop online and be influenced by people and advertisements they see on social media. One way to reach this typically tricky demographic is through Tik Tok ads.

Tik Tok’s platform is all about highlighting content creators’ creativity. The most successful Tik Tokers create standout content that is engaging, fun, and motivates people to engage with them. Advertising on Tik Tok is no different, and knowing that millennials and Gen Z prefer not to be marketed to, Tik Tok ads need to be expertly made to feel authentic.  

If you are considering diving into Tik Tok and utilizing the platform to grow your business, considering working with an agency who can help create impactful Tik Tok ads. Before you get started, here is a brief overview of what advertising on Tik Tok is like.  

In-feed Ads

Of the two main types of advertisements to choose from on Tik Tok, In-feed ads are the most common. While you are cycling through Tik Toks of people and pages you follow, you will notice that you are occasionally shown an advertisement in your feed. This is an in-feed ad and it’s a great way to reach your target audience.

By selecting your target demographic, you can reach potential customers directly. This makes those first few seconds of your advertisement extremely critical. In this format, you can make ads between 15-60 seconds long and use branded hashtags in the description. You should also include a link to your brand site or a particular product page.

Branded Challenges

The other main way to use Tok Tok ads are through branded hashtag challenges. These types of challenges require a lot of creativity to go viral, so it’s important to choose a hashtag and develop a challenge that is fun and engaging. An example of successful branded hashtags challenges was the Chipotle Flip, where Chipotle encouraged their customers to film themselves trying to flip the lid on their food into their hands. 

The key element of a successful challenge is to make it easy enough that most customers can engage while also being fun and lit. It should also be modifiable to allow fans and followers to be creative while they attempt the challenge. The goal of any branded hashtag challenge is to get engagement, that way your fans help in marketing your brand for you.

Tik Tok Strategies

Tik Tok ads need to be engaging and captivating while also not appearing like they are ads, and, as mentioned above, they should be engaging from the very start. The most successful ad campaigns are those that are fun and show off the creative features of Tik Tok, such as music and minor video editing.  Many digital marketing agencies are abreast of the latest Tik Tok trends and who can help you design and create impactful Tik Tok ad campaigns.

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