How to Play Connect4?

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If you like strategy board games, Connect4 by Hasbro may be perfect for you. The aim of this two-playergame is to line up 4 of your discs in the 6×7 grid before your opponent does. It can sometimes be difficult to come up with a good strategy to win a game of Connect4, but the rules are simple enough that people of all ages can play it. If you have never played it before, you will learn very quickly.

Prepare the Grid of Connect4

To play Connect4, you can buy the board game and play at home with your loved ones. The other solution is togo to and find online international opponents. This step is not needed if you go for the second option. But if you choose to play with a real board and real discs, you will have to prepare the grid properly. There are several models depending on the version of Connect4, but they all consist of a grid in which the tokens are inserted and an element to keep it vertical. In the traditional version, there are two bases with notches in which the hooks are placed at both ends of the grid. Once you have assembled the grid, place it on a flat surface and close the bottom with the sliding lever to prevent the tokens from escaping.

Prepare the Discs

Once again, this step is for real and not virtual players. Online, everything is already ready. At this point, all you have to do is to find an opponent and choose the color of your tokens. Most of the time, it is yellow and red but some gaming websites propose other hues. So, sortthe real discs by color and separate them into two piles. A classic Connect4 game consists of 21 red and 21 yellow discs. Then, decide who will take which color. Take the tokens of the color you have chosen. Your opponent will play with the other pile.

Designate the First Player and Start the Game

During a game of Connect4, both of you and your opponent will take turns to place a token at a time. Usually, the one who goes first has an advantage over the other, just like with tic tac toe. To be fair, alternate the starting player in order to have the same long-term chances. Before you start playing or strategizing, you need to fully understand the aim of the game. To win, you have toget 4 discsin a row in the grid.

Make a 7 with your Tokens

The best position to win Connect 4 is to get two potential connect fours which just need a final disc on two different spots. Those must be on top of each other. It means that you should manage to make a 7 with your checkers by making sure that both ends are playable. This trick will lead you to a victory for sure because even if the opponent blocks you on one side, you can still make a connect four on the other side.

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