Five Photographic Spots To Visit In Rajasthan – Best For Your Instagram

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May it is the royal orange shaded ruins or the blazing sand dunes of Thar Desert; Rajasthan is quite alluring with royalty and pride colors. With a landscape filled with the grandeur of every element of history, Rajasthan is obviously one of the most attractive and photogenic spots in the country for those who are ready to look at it through the camera lens.

However, not the entire Rajasthan is best for a photographic vacation. It is very important to choose exclusive destinations for the same. Here are the top five photogenic spots in Desert State Rajasthan.

1. Jaipur


Every scene you are about to click in Jaipur is the courtesy of the enthralling history of the land. The colorful streets of Jaipur were brewed with planning by the royals of the past. You can find alluring backdrops of royal buildings for your pictures. The chaotic bazaars are the best place to click some lively pictures of colors. If you are looking for more of nature and a majestic look, it is best to visit the hill regions of the city for clicking forts, the star attractions of the city. The beautiful foliage of ruins and architecture makes Jaipur the center for photographic beauty.

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2. Jaisalmer


Massive sandcastles rising from the ground of golden bright sands, camels with decorative red quilts and brilliantly dressed locals would make you go crazy with your camera. The twisted lanes of cobbled streets filled with ancient cultures of music performances, local cuisine served with spicy buttermilk, kite-flying kids and simple bazaars give your pictures, a mirage look of the ancient times. Yes, the desert and sand dunes make a wonderful spot to click charming pictures. On the other hand, the city with golden honey colored palaces and havelis make it hard to go without a few hundred clicks.

3. Bikaner


City of Bikaner gives an energizing look to your pictures, with a streak of rustic look of the desert region. The best part of Bikaner is that you would find comparatively lesser tourists here than most part of the state. Thus, your pictures will be quite authentic without any tourists photobombing your masterpieces without knowledge. The vibrant city has a colorful culture, fabulous architecture and most importantly, the Arabian Nights styled nature.

4. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

Are you bored of the same sand infused pictures with camels and sandstone structures? Welcome to the greener side of Rajasthan. The state’s highest point is an important tourist attraction as it is the only hill station in the desert state. Surrounded by greenery everywhere, this is the spot for nature pictures in cliché manner. The wildlife sanctuary, groups of temples and interesting culture will add more dimensions to your photographic creativity. The interesting part of Mount Abu is that it is not entirely green like every other hill station you would encounter. It has the right blend of green nature and the orange sandstone rocks. Trek through untouched locations of Mount Abu for authentic pictures.

5. Sariska National Park and Tiger Reserve

Do you wish to take some dramatic pictures with backdrops of semi-deciduous forests with craggy canyons, refreshing streams and mesmerizing arid landscape? Most importantly, you get to add colors to the pictures with exclusive animals like dancing peacock, herds of jackals, chital, running sambars and so on. Some try to visit during peak season for the green look of the sanctuary and some choose to visit the park for pilgrimage trekking to capture some the shadows of this mighty land of Aravalli hills.

Five Photographic Spots To Visit In Rajasthan – Best For Your Instagram 3

Rajasthan is the quintessential land for photographers and beauty lovers. This land of sand and camels has many medieval charms of monuments and kaleidoscopic nature. The best of all times to visit this fantasy spot is during festivals. The entire land will be hued with colors and you would get a lot more to experience than just clicks.

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