Here’re Some Reasons Why Every Home Needs to Have an Air Purifier

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Air Purifier

Our homes are the safest places on earth for us. However, our home may not be entirely secure, with the increasing level of pollution. There is a five times higher level of pollution in indoor air than outdoors. Because we spend 90% of our time indoors, harmful air pollutants cause respiratory problems, skin conditions, and Asthma.

Air purifiers are the only solution to tackle indoor air pollution. Wearing a mask will not help. There is a need for an air purifier in every home today, considering the poor air quality and the air purifier price is lower than it was five years ago.

Here are some reasons why your home needs an air purifier if you are still unsure about buying one.

Protect Yourself from Allergies

People with allergies need to take several precautions. However, despite taking all the precautions, allergic reactions may occasionally occur. Air pollution is primarily responsible for these problems. By removing pollutants from the air, an air purifier can reduce the risk of allergies being triggered.

Keep yourself safe in construction zones

The air around your home may be polluted if you live near a construction site. Construction sites are filled with dust and small pollutants that irritate, causing watery eyes and sinus problems. Dust present in your home can also cause pulmonary complications and emphysema. In addition, due to the abrasive nature of sand particles, they can also harm your lungs and mucous membranes. HEPA air purifiers reduce exposure to health-harming pollutants by trapping tiny dust particles.

Avoid Mould Allergies

Mould can grow in buildings made of stone and untreated wood, especially if there has been water damage. Stachybotrys is a black mould that can lead to severe allergic reactions when inhaled. In addition to producing mycotoxins, this type of mould can cause nausea and health problems. It is often the case that mould grows underneath walls or floorboards where it cannot be reached. Mould in hidden areas can cause diseases, so installing an air purifier keeps you safe.

To Stay Safe during Pregnancy

Air pollution from indoor sources can cause severe complications for pregnant women. It is harmful to the unborn child to be exposed to microbes and foreign particles. In addition, the microorganisms carried by pets can cause birth complications, including stillbirth. To avoid such complications, it is recommended to use an air purifier to remove harmful pollutants and microbes from the air.

Safeguard yourself against secondhand smoke and industrial emissions

Several diseases are caused by secondhand smoke, traffic, and industrial emissions, including bronchitis and tumours. Cancer can also result from excessive exposure. Staying near a heavy traffic area or an industrial facility calls for extra care. By capturing tiny particulate matter, air purifiers reduce the risk of health conditions. Smokers can also keep non-smoker safe from secondhand smoke by owning an air purifier in their room.

Safeguard yourself against Respiratory problems such as Asthma

As well as preventing some complications, air purifiers can be used to treat others. In the presence of microbes and particulates in the atmosphere, Asthma and other respiratory problems worsen. People living with Asthma face increased problems as a result, and that is why air purifiers are so important.

It removes Odours

Odours and smells can originate from many sources. Odours can cause mild effects or nausea-inducing ones. In houses that have been neglected for a long time or damaged due to fires and flooding, rust is usually a problem.

Usually, the other smell inside the building is smoke or wood rot caused by such a disaster. You can live a comfortable and fulfilling life with an air purifier in your home by filtering the air and getting rid of disgusting odours.

Ensure Small children safety against diseases

As a result of their weak immune systems, children are very susceptible to illnesses. In homes with air purifiers, kids can be more protected from airborne diseases and respiratory issues caused by respiratory conditions. Don’t compromise the health of your children. The air purifier price in India is now so economical and budget-friendly that you can buy one today. If you want to find out the latest air purifier price from various brands, you can take help from Google.

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