Here’s Why Investing In Australian Pink Diamonds Worth The Money

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Here’s Why Investing In Australian Pink Diamonds Worth The Money 1

It’s quite lucrative if you could find appropriate places for investing your money. Initially, it might look like an uphill task but once you find it you can reap the rewards and enjoy its benefits for generations to come.

But most of us stuck with – where to start with?

So, in this post, we will talk about investing in luxurious commodity Australian pink diamonds that are rare to find and are almost on the verge of extinction. These are the fastest-growing solid assets in the world today according to a recent survey by PWC.

The exclusivity and the mixture of mesmerizing pink hues create an enchanting opportunity for jewelers across the world to craft extraordinary jewelry pieces accentuating the brilliant color of these stones.

Argyle pink diamonds are known to be the world’s most sought-after gems, their beauty not only captures the attention of jewelry houses and top designers but they are proving to be a robust investment too. Over the years their value has escalated while making it a safer investment choice even through the socio-economic upheaval.

Why invest in Pink Diamonds?

High-quality pink diamonds are extracted at the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. This mine represents 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, with no other mine having ever unearthed such high intense color till date. The mine site has been scheduled to close down in 2020 as the supply has reached exhaustion. The investment opportunity is expected to continue to be the most discreet, transferable hard asset opportunity of all other investments.

The incredible price rise of pink diamonds is around 15% and reaching up to 20% in some cases depending upon the rarity and quality of the stones. The demand for fancy color diamonds is rising among millennials who are looking for unique and sustainable investment options. They are the least volatile and the prices have never dropped in the last 15 years.

Investing in the diamond is more like investing in some other luxury purchases as they last long. Unlike other assets, they do not depreciate and require little or any effort on maintenance or ongoing costs other than, perhaps, insurance. While purchasing a fancy diamond consider the beauty of the stone and the pleasure you can derive from wearing the diamond that only makes it a good investment.

 Argyle Diamond Intensity Levels

Pertaining to Argyle diamonds 4C’s that comprise Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat, investment companies have devised their own system of grading color. On the scale of 1-9, they are graded based on their color intensity. The higher the intensity, the more expensive the stone.

Argyle Diamond Prices

By determining the purity of color, the price and value of Argyles are set. Over the past 20 years, the price has increased by 500%.

Every year the price doubles, so if you compare that to the stock market it is significantly on the higher side. As the market is engrossed by pink fever, investors are looking for a stable investment with a great chance of paying off high dividends in the future.

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