What is the best diwali gifts for employees

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What is the best diwali gifts for employees

Employees are the true support system of any company so as you thought that it is always good to find the right occasion to reward their hard effort. Therefore this year on Diwali as an employer you planned something big for them which means you thought to gift them some outstanding gifts to the dearest employees. But as an employer, you did not want to go wrong that is why you thought to take out time to find out a suitable gift for them. Even considering the personal choice you visited some of the online sites also having suitable Diwali gifts. Thus, today we will share some of the gifts down in the bullets.

  • Serene Buddha:

Buddha is an embodiment of prosperity and good luck. Therefore you thought that it would be a wonderful idea to present Lord Buddha to one of your employees as a Diwali gift. The Buddha idol you selected is carved in black marble with a gold plated crown and the attire is golden. The Buddha is in a sitting posture with hands facing each other. It indicates that the Buddha shows tranquillity and invokes a peaceful ambiance filled with love. The best about the Buddha idol is that it is the desired height of about 26 cm, therefore, it will definitely steal the eyes when placed in the center table of the home. Definitely the gift you chose shows how much caring you are towards your employee.

  • Gold plated spoon and bowl:

You actually took a week to decide which gift would be the right one for the employee as the Diwali gift then after a lot of thought you selected a gold plated bowl with a spoon. Though it sounds simple the gift is not that ordinary because the bowl just looks like the petals of certain flowers. And each of the petals has silver and gold color coating. But the eye-catching thing is that this coating of silver and gold has been done alternatively.  However, to complete the gift you added a golden-colored spoon along with that it is an imitated spoon. But to make the gift highly attractive you decorated the bowl and the spoon in a velvetcolored box. Therefore one can say that this is a perfect Diwali gift for an employee.

  • Laughing Buddha, diary and clock:

It really takes time and research to find the perfect gift for your employee actually you know that he or she has a liking for a specific kind of gift. Therefore after consulting with your employee you thought it would be better to select mix and match gift items. That is why you selected a black colored diary with a lock system, a gold plated laughing Buddha and the apple clock watch which is small. Therefore the entire gift item looks attracting. You thought that the diary would serve him functional on top of that the laughing Buddha will bless him with prosperity. Lastly the gold plated Apple watch will warn him about the timing. Thus, there is no doubt that your employee would be so happy with the gift.

  • Silver glass set with a silver tray:

Diwali is a festival when your near ones get the best gift for you. But as an employer it is your call to get the eye stunning gift for your employee as well. Therefore you decided to add a royal touch to the gift that is why you brought a silver glass set. The set of two glasses looks so ornamental as both of this are made of high-quality German silver. On top of that, it has the silver tray with beautiful and vivacious minute carvings on silver which surely make it look so royal and classy. Therefore this elegant gift is the perfect embodiment of a true relationship between an employer and an employee. There is obviously not a single doubt that your employee will feel so elated to hold the glass in his hands.

  • Laughing Buddha set:

This year on Diwali you have a wonderful gift plan for each of your employees. In fact, you have selected a set of 6 laughing buddhas for individual employees. The reason behind choosing the laughing Buddhas is because they bring prosperity, good fortune, positive vibes to the life of any individual. In addition to that, you thought that it will not only bless them with positivity but at the same time will strengthen the relationship of an employer with an employee. And such bonding is very necessary for a long-lasting happy relationship. But along with the laughing buddhas, you added a tray of dry fruits as well. Now this is to ensure that your employees should be blessed with sound health as well.

  • Gold and silver tableware:

For this Diwali, you have selected tableware in the shape of a leaf. This leaf has a coating of silver and gold. But to add a royal appeal to the gift you packed the gift ina golden colored box as well. Definitely, the look will surely give a pleasant surprise to your employee.

Thus, these are notable Diwali gifts for employees.

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