How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For E-Commerce?

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If you own an e-commerce platform, you know the importance of conversions for survival. First and foremost, you have to create the desired traffic for your online store and then convert the traffic to leads. However, if you can market your content correctly, your conversion rate can be hiked six times! Sites that use compelling content marketing strategy face a 2.9% increase in conversion rate than those that do not.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process by which you produce and publish information that enhances your customers’ trust and credibility about your brand. Content marketing can give you recognition as a thought leader in the market. Develop innovative content marketing strategies to eliminate typical hard-selling processes to drive sales.

Why can content marketing improve conversion? Because you can connect with your customers via the contents that you create. Customers crave attention. They would like to get engaged by brands. Once you provide customers with the kind of engagement they want, it will surely enhance your brand loyalty and boost sales and increase conversion rate.

Tips to market content in an e-commerce platform

Your content in an e-commerce platform can be more satisfying if you incorporate this interesting link to ecommerce SEO companies. Given below are some strategies that you can follow:

a.   Start by choosing one specific form of content

Do not involve all kinds of content into one platform and waste your energy, time and money. The easiest way to grab the market is by writing only one type of content. The form of content that is better for you will depend on the service, product or niche audience that your e-commerce platform caters to and the kind of audience you serve.

b.  Build a service or product guide for your customers

How you want to share your content and deciding what you want to share are entirely two different things. Here, you can start with the guides to build the customer base. Build the trust of your audience by generating content that can give answers to the customers’ questions. The motive of your guides should be to educate and make the customers aware.

c.   Create videos on products or services to show your offerings

Your customers are sure to prefer visual orientation. There are various ways by which you can market your content. Some of them are in-depth webinars, short ad campaigns, or online courses. If you want to produce a viral ad campaign, make sure it is catchy and has the power to stand out from the crowd. For building customer engagement, another great way is to organize interactive webinars.

d.  Offer information pamphlets like size charts and FAQs

Just like for clothes and shoes, a size chart is essential for other essential products too. Take a look at your product offering and ask if it raises any question that the customer might ask you. FAQ or frequently asked questions are also an immensely beneficial way to engage customers. If you want, you can update the FAQ sheet later.

e.   Share customer stories

Sharing customer stories is a great way to engage customers. When you share the stories of the customers, you eventually make them feel special. Also, you are showing the care and concern that you have for the potential customers too. Try finding some authentic and heart-wrenching stories, and then ask for permission to share those under your brand name.

f.   Provide case studies that demonstrate how your service or product helps people

This is a general question that most customers ask before purchasing a product. Including case studies on products will make it easier to gain customers’ confidence and convince them. When including case studies into your e-commerce platform, do not forget to highlight how the product or service has served your customers’ needs.  The format of writing the case study should be as follows – the customer, the challenge, the journey, the discovery, the solution, the implementation and the results.

g.  Build a glossary of terms, acronyms and jargon specific to your industry or niche

Since every industry has its own set of commonly used terms, it is imperative to make your customers aware of these terms for their understanding. The better they know about the specific terms, the better will they understand your industry.

h.  Provide white papers or research studies for customers who want to know more

Besides case studies, providing ample information to customers is another effective way through research studies and white papers. Here, the customers will not feel the need to switch from one website to another if you provide them with the jargon of essential information. However, research studies are not just specified to a company.


Your content marketing strategy is ready at hand. Choose a format of content that you are confident and comfortable in, and then go with the flow. To enhance your content marketing strategy more, you can make use of paid advertisements and promotions later.

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