Why choose Airtel plans if you are working from home?

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Bharti Airtel has been coming up with tweaks in its prepaid plans since the pandemic hit the country. A lot of employees have been stuck at home since the pandemic hit and working from home has become the new norm now. This means that employees need to get easy and affordable access to data. So, it is necessary to have a good network connection to have a seamless working environment. Airtel recharge plans and its good mobile network ensures that people can be working even from the most remote locations of the country.

  1. Airtel made changes to the existing plans

Airtel was initially offering 6 GB of data on its Rs. Airtel recharge 98 top-up pack. With the work from home culture taking momentum, Airtel doubled the benefits for the plan, offering 12 GB of data with the plan. The plan is valid for 28 days. The validity has not been changed. On top of that, Airtel also improved the talk time of its main balance recharge plans. You will now gets a talk time of Rs. 480 with Rs. 500 voucher instead of Rs. 423.73 that was available earlier. You also get Rs. 960 from Rs. 1000 voucher. The voucher of Rs. 5000 has also been upgraded to offer Rs. 4800 instead of Rs. 4273.

  1. Airtel started offering Rs. 251 4G voucher

Airtel added Rs. 251 4G Airtel recharge plan to its list of Airtel prepaid plans. The plan is quite similar to the Rs. 251 plan available from Jio. However, the plan does not offer any validity. This plan will be valid as long as the base plan of the consumer. This plan would be offering 50 GB of data to the users. The plan will expire along with the base plan and if there is some data unused, that will expire as well. It is better to recharge with this plan when you recharge your base plan. This plan is extremely well-designed for those who are working from home with stealth employee monitoring software.

  1. Airtel is also tweaking its broadband plans

In addition to the Airtel prepaid plans and airtel bill payment, Airtel is also bringing changes to the broadband plans to accommodate the sudden change in working conditions. Airtel Broadband plans now start from Rs. 499. This plan has become a new addition for customers who can manage with a bandwidth of 40 Mbps. Earlier, the plans started from Rs. 799. This plan now offers unlimited data with a maximum bandwidth of 100 Mbps. Rs. 999 can get you a bandwidth of 200 Mbps. The users will also be getting subscriptions to OTT platforms to get some entertaining content too.

All of these cool initiatives from Airtel is why it offers the best network connectivity for people who are working from home. You get the best prices, best plans, and best add-on facilities catered for your requirements. Also, you can leverage the Airtel Payments Bank platform to get cashback and cut down your costs on recharge and bills.

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