How to Design a Successful Office

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When it comes to setting up an office, there is a lot more to it that putting a load of desks in a room, plugging in a computer and getting on with it! All successful business owners will tell you, getting your office right affects everything – from productivity, to staff satisfaction to how your customers perceive you. So here are some of the things you should be thinking about when setting up the office space for your business…

Light – Light plays a huge role in how we feel – when our bodies don’t get enough daylight, it can make us feel tired and sluggish as well as wreaking havoc on our immune systems. So, letting in as much natural light as possible is essential, or if you don’t have much natural light, recreate it with special lightbulbs that recreate the feeling of daylight.

Space – Space is important as it can affect how a team operates – to promote teamwork, it is best to have an open plan feeling office – if you have partition walls, have glass to keep the free flowing feeling of space throughout.

Branding – Branding is incredibly important – how people perceive your company relies a lot on good branding. Make sure that your office and particularly the reception area ties in with your brand – you can use your colours as well as having your brand name in a prominent position.

Furniture – Furniture should be able to do the job it was designed for, as well as helping to make the place look good. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth – you can get great prices on reception chairs for example – after all, you want visitors to be comfortable when they are waiting in reception!

Reasonable designs – Remember that you are planning an office for individuals, not automatons, and individuals can get occupied – decreasing efficiency. Putting work areas directly close to the latrines, kitchen or a boisterous scanner utilized by the whole office isn’t useful to the individuals who need to stay there. Recollect that glad specialists are more profitable!

Stream – Planning an office to build stream (for example you don’t need to follow a tangled way and excursion over heaps of boxes to get someplace) permits representatives to move effectively from assignment to task, just as empowering collaboration with the accessible offices to advance work. A decent stream likewise gives the fantasy of room, causing laborers to feel less “stopped” and all the freer.

Shading – Shading can profoundly affect the mind, and a dreary and dull office inside plan can smother inventiveness and enthusiasm for the current task. Pair an unbiased plan with sprinkles of tone and splendid fine art to keep minds alive. Calm zones – On the off chance that you are working with an open space, guarantee that you incorporate regions for calm work. Open-plan workplaces can get loud, yet giving calm hotdesking rooms where representatives can go to in the event that they have an undertaking requiring specific fixation empowers everybody to work agreeably.

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