How to earn Paytm cash with apps

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Hey people you may have heard about Paytm apps where you can earn Paytm cash online. Now is it true or not we will discuss everything in today’s blog post. This trend of earning money online became very popular when Paytm was launched. Various companies around the world starting creating apps that can help users to earn Paytm money.

You can also earn Paytm cash if you download these apps. So, I was reading an article on Best Paytm earning apps by moneyora where I read about some of the best apps that can pay users Paytm cash for playing games or by completing different tasks on mobile phones. That’s why I thought I would pick up this topic where I would discuss how users can earn Paytm cash.

So I have picked up some of the 3 applications that will help user to earn Paytm money when they will use these applications.

These applications are free to download and you can download them from the play store or you can check the same blog by moneyora because there you can find the download link as well as some offers such as a signup bonus. So I recommend you to check that blog post.

Now let us discuss these simple but powerful earning apps

  1. MPL

First I will like to talk about MPL, this application is already very famous in the market because Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of this app. You may have watched the ad for this application on social media or Tv. But you have never thought that you could actually earn money from this application.

You can play games or play quiz and by winning the games or quiz you can earn real Paytm cash.

This application is my favorite one because this application pays real cash because you guys need to keep this thing in mind when you download apps and play games on this application. Most of the apps will not pay money to you. These are called fake apps. But when I talk about MPL it is India’s most trusted application to earn money.

So start playing games and earning money, but remember these games are not free to play, you have to invest or pay tournament fees to enter into a tournament to earn Paytm money.

  1. Dream 11

Yes, you may have heard its name because have earned in corers from this application. If you are really willing to make Paytm money online, then you have to try this application right now.

Dream 11 is a fantasy app where users can play Fantasy cricket, football, or volleyball.

What is Fantasy cricket?

You have to make your own team and if your team perform good in the real match then you will earn money. So yes you can say its kind a predication and win type of thing. But it’s the best app to earn money if your cricket knowledge and skills are good.

  1. Top quiz app

Now let’s discuss making money with Playing quiz because I know some of you people might not be comfortable with playing games or playing Fantasy or Predict and win. That’s why I came up with this application where you can earn Paytm cash by playing quizzes such as GK quiz or your fav Bollywood quiz or picture quiz or history quiz and more.

SO these were some of the apps that can help users to win Paytm cash for free and also by investing money.

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