Practiced Ways How to Organize a Religious Event

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The number of religious events in the world is increasing every year and we’re not just talking about traditional services. The specific religious event involves all different types of gatherings, from spiritual retreats to religious rock concerts.
Special events like religious occasions are a great way to celebrate a common faith, strengthen bonds, and renew individual commitment. They also help you reach a bigger audience, grow your following, and spread the word of your organization. We asked religious event goers to tell us why they attend special events. Almost half of the followers said they would be more inclined to invite non-members to a special event than a regular service.
A fun, modest setting like a concert, dinner, or special guest lecture can seem more enticing to those outside your organization than a worship service. In fact, over a third of the people we surveyed said they’d like their congregation to hold more events. And 43% of those who already go to events would like to go to more.
So the interest is there, but how to get the word out to the right audience? Word-of-mouth is great, but to better entice non-members, arm yourself with the following facts:

The Younger The Participants, Diverse The Event

According to our survey, millennials love food and drink events, and retreats. They also love events that include charm and special guests. 53% of the young people we surveyed responded in a positive way. They attend events that include music and fun activities. They are more likely to attend fun and active events.

Make The Deal Attractive For People

One in five people wants a discounted pricing option. Consider offering group discounts and student discounts for your next event to draw bigger crowds.
You can also offer discounted “early bird” tickets to people who buy before a certain date. This limited pricing creates a sense of urgency, inspiring event-goers to snag tickets right then and there. Early sales help you drum up buzz around the event, as ticket holders express their excitement to friends and family on social media. Use rental technology like iPad Rental for events to make things handy in your event.

Reserving Seats Is Enticing:

More seating options mean happier event goers. Offering reserved seating for a spiritual documentary screening allows your followers to choose a set of seats next to one another. Also, let’s say you’re hosting a concert featuring a choir from Botswana. You can sell tickets to a VIP section that put ticket holder closer to the stage — and possibly a meet-and-greet after the show!

Get Advantage Of Socializing:

Provide easy ways for your existing congregation and potential members to share across all social media platforms and say, “Yes! I’m going!” This social proof can be the driving force that turns prospective ticket buyers into attendees. Consider an event technology like iPad rental that has “built-in” features that allow attendees to share your event on their social feeds.

Make Tickets Accessibility Easier To Folks

Sell tickets to your event online so people can buy them wherever they are — whether they’re on a desktop or looking at your listing on their mobile phone. No more paper tickets participants can just flash their mobile proof of purchase. And if someone shows up without a ticket, you can easily sell them one right from your phone or tablet.
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