How to Spy on WhatsApp Messenger to Protect your loved one?

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How to Spy on WhatsApp Messenger to Protect your loved one? 3
Parents are always concerned about the real –life and online safety of the children. Because, modern technology in the shape of cell phones and gadgets enable children to use social media apps to interact with strangers online such as stalkers, cyber bullies, and sexual predators. All cyber predators are dangerous for teens if teens are having in direct contact with them.
 Moreover, young kids and teens are also have found obsessed with social media apps, especially with the WhatsApp instant messaging app. Youngsters perform plenty of activities happen on WhatsApp such as text messages, text conversations, audio, and video calls, shared media files such as photos and videos and last but not the least WhatsApp voice messages.
How to Spy on WhatsApp Messenger to Protect your loved one? 4
When young teens and children perform these kinds of activities they often put them into real trouble such as sharing nudity in terms of videos and photos, get involved in sexting and sexual hookups with strangers. Therefore, parents are very insecure and they always looking for ways to protect their loved ones to prevent the WhatsApp obsession and as well from online predators. So, it cannot possible without spying on WhatsApp messenger.

Use WhatsApp spy app to protect the loved ones

Initially, you have to know the official address of the website that provides you with the WhatsApp spy app. So, you should visit the TheOneSpy website and then you need to subscribe to the cell phone spy software. Once you have done with the subscription you will receive an email along with credentials as passcode and ID.
Now it is the time to get physical access on the target mobile phone device and get started with the installation process. The moments you have complete the installation process the very next moment require the activation of the mobile phone monitoring software on a target device. However, you will receive pop –up message when you are dealing with the activation process that empowers the user to hide the cell phone tracking app icon on the target device to use it in a sneaky way.
 Furthermore, you need to use the credentials to get access to the online control panel of the cell phone surveillance software. Then you need to visit the WhatsApp monitoring features that we are going to explain in the following.

Use cellphone monitoring app features to spy on loved one WhatsApp

Phone spy app empowers the users to get access to the target device of children and teens on which the WhatsApp messenger has installed and activated. Then you can use the WhatsApp monitoring software tools offered by the phone tracking app. Let’s discuss all the features that allow the user that can monitor WhatsApp messenger.
IM’s Social Media

A user can get access to the target device remotely and can view WhatsApp logs such as text messages, text conversations, audio, and video conversations, media shared such as photos and videos and last but not the least WhatsApp Voice messages. A user can get access to the WhatsApp logs of the loved ones and get to know to whom teens and children are having the conversation all day long. Moreover, once you have got to know that your teens have got involved in hookups or with the strangers using WhatsApp. You can use a spy app for Android to block all the inappropriate websites using a cell phone controller that allows the user to stop the internet access on the target cell phone.
WhatsApp screen recording

You can perform screen recording on the target cell phone installed messenger and you can make back to back short videos of the screen and send to the dashboard. You can view live WhatsApp live screen recording videos and get to know the activities.

You can use keylogger of the WhatsApp surveillance app and empower the user to get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the messenger. You can get the keystrokes such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, and others many others alike.
WhatsApp screenshots

The user can remotely capture screenshots of the WhatsApp activities remotely and get to know about all the activities happen on the target device.


WhatsApp monitoring tools of the cell phone tracking app empower the user to protect the loved ones form all online dangers to the fullest.
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