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Premium version of Norton antivirus helps in securing the system from various types of attacks. Here are the benefits of the antivirus.

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·         One subscription can secure ten devices.
·         The software protects the system from existing and emerging attacks.
·         Users’ sensitive data is protected when he goes online.
·         The company got AV-TEST award because of its products and services.
·         Norton expert is available as soon as the user subscribes to the software.
·         User is warned about the risky Android apps before download.

Features of Norton Antivirus Premium Version

Here are some of the features of the premium version of Norton help online antivirus Support.

·         The antivirus saves the system from various attacks like malware, ransomware, viruses, spyware, and other kinds of attacks.

·         The sensitive data of a user is protected when he goes online.

·         A Norton support executive is always there to help the user when he has purchased the subscription.

·         As it is the premium version, it can support 10 devices with a single subscription.

·         All devices can be protected through an easy web portal.

·         Users can use safety features so that their children explore the web safely.

·         As per the configuration, the data is backed up automatically.

·         The premium version also provides a cloud storage space of 25GB and users can buy more space if they need it.

Antivirus Premium and VPN

If a user purchases antivirus premium with VPN, he will be able to protect his data when he is online. The VPN will encrypt the data that is being sent or received and user need not worry about any attack.Users can do their bank transactions, bill payments,  checking mails or working on social media sites safely.

Online Threats

Malware can easily attack a new computer, which is not protected by antivirus software. Even if it is secured by free antivirus software, the computer cannot be protected for a long time. That is where Norton antivirus come and help the users to secure their data from online attacks. Since cybercriminals have sophisticated software to attack a user’s computer, Norton constantly researches about the new and existing threats and keep updating its software.

Dedication of the company

The experts of the company are dedicated to their work and benefit their customers to the extent they can. Users can contact them through Norton antivirus tech support phone number UK. That is the reason the company has won 39 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards which is one of the prestigious awards in IT industry. This shows that the premium version is one of the best antivirus software.

Multi-OS Protection

The antivirus is compatible with all the major operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Solaris etc. The users who use Android mobiles are notified by the software regarding the apps that they want to download. The antivirus software tells about the impact of the app on the battery and also about any existing virus in the app file.
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