How to stay healthy during pregnancy

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How to stay healthy during pregnancy

Doctors advise women on how to optimize their health before and after pregnancy. A healthy diet during pregnancy is important to deal with low birth weight baby and a host of other problems. By sticking to a daily diet during pregnancy you can keep away from issues and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Eat in a proper manner

For pregnant woman opting for a healthy diet is important. Your baby does not need fat and sugar, but a healthy diet. Increase your intake of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in calcium and items that are low in saturated fat.

Stick to your vitamins

Ensure your intake of calcium and folic acid is at a desired level. You can avail this food from a multi vitamin and from standard food sources. Kidney beans, spinach are some of the food sources rich in folic acid whereas milk or curd is loaded with calcium. Sticking to a daily multi vitamin would ensure that you have the right amount. Discuss with your doctor about consumption of a daily multi vitamin.

Be hydrated

A pregnant woman needs more amount of water than the normal self. Ideally you should aim for around 8 cups of water a day.

Keep off from certain foods

There is certain type of foods that you need to avoid when you are pregnant. For example, do not opt for raw or any source of raw meats, soft cheese, pasteurized milk and even raw eggs. Unpasteurized and raw animal products could end up causing food poisoning. There are certain types of fish even when cooked have higher levels of mercury.

Prenatal care in a proper manner

A woman needs to avail proper health care from a reputed prenatal care provider. A mother who does not opt for regular prenatal care is more likely to have a child with low weight if it seems possible opt for group prenatal care.

Stay away from alcohol

Woman needs to stay away from alcohol before and after pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. Excessive drinking increases the chances of having a baby with fetal abnormalities and behavioural issues.

In the starting phase of pregnancy alcohol can impact the health of a baby even before a woman is aware she is pregnant. As a lady the moments you become pregnant stay away from alcohol.

Goodbye to smoking

Smoking poses a risk to both the baby and the mother. It does increase the scope of SIDS, miscarriages and even premature birth.

To get moving

For most pregnant women daily exercise is a must. Do check out with your doctor on what would be the ideal recommended physical activity for you.

A flu shot

Opting for a flu shot could make a pregnant woman sick so discuss with your doctor on how to manage a flu shot.

Last but not the least you need to choose a proper time to become pregnant women. Once you are able to figure out the exact time you ensure a healthy pregnancy for the mother and even the baby.

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