How to keep in control the Reynaud’s disease

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How to keep in control the Reynaud’s disease

When one finds that their fingers and toes are changing colours and it is happening because of the sudden change or going down of the temperature, then there is a possibility that one is suffering from Reynaud’s disease. This mainly happens because there is a spasm of blood vessels that can largely affect the blood circulation that keeps happening in the fingers and toes. There are some times, when it can also affect the lips, ears, tips of nose and also nipples. These symptoms can also flare up when one suffers from too much of stress.

There can be discolouration of toes and fingers because there are narrowing down of blood vessels that happen. There can be severity of the symptoms as well and it completely depends on how much the spasm of the blood vessel happens. There are good Ayurvedic treatments for Reynaud’s but before indulging there, one should be aware of the symptoms of this disease.

Symptoms of Reynaud’s Disease

Here are a few major symptoms of the disease:

  • Feeling of coldness in toes, fingers, skin of ears, lips, tip of nose and other areas.
  • Change of colour in toes and fingers and sometimes in a few other areas from pale white to blue and purple. This can also be accompanied by numbness.
  • There can also be some itching and swelling in the mentioned areas.
  • A prickly sensation when heat is applied on these areas and there is a change of colour into red as blood returns to those areas.

Causes of Reynaud’s Disease

There are actually no specific causes that can give rise to Reynaud’s disease but yes, if there is an exposure to severe coldness then it can give rise to some abnormal spasms in the blood vessels and it can also obstruct the flow of blood. This can keep happening for a long time and so the affected area can also suffer from the deficiency of the supply of oxygen and that is why this discolouration occurs. This is a kind of disease that mainly happens when people live under extreme stress or in an extreme cold region.

Treatment for Reynaud’s Disease

Here are some effective treatment ideas:

  • Protection of limbs against extreme cold and trauma or injuries
  • Improving blood circulation in the limbs and extremities
  • Relieving spasm that is happening in the blood vessels

One also has to stay in a warm environment and do regular exercise and quit bad habits like smoking to avoid this disease.

Ayurvedic treatment for Reynaud’s Disease:

Here are some Ayurvedic treatment ideas for this particular disease:

  • Blood Letting or RaktaMokshana
  • The correction of the dosha imbalances like the pitta and vata present in the blood vessels.
  • Pouring of medical liquids on the affected area so that there is improvement in blood circulation.

These can be used as an Ayurvedic remedy for Reynaud’s disease and one can follow them on a strictly and a regular basis to get relief from the disease.

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