How to Style as a Professional Model?

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How to Style as a Professional Model? 1

First of all, you need to get rid of the stereotypes that have made fashion a foreign concept to you so far. Everyday clothes should not be seen as “unnecessary rags”, but as an element that builds the image. It is commonly said that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and people by its appearance – but that’s nonsense, because we all do it anyway. The way we are dressed greatly influences our image in the eyes of our friends, family, girlfriend, boss, potential employer, etc. A good image also means well-being and greater self-confidence in many life situations.

Define your style.

I am not going to convince anyone that the only right way to build an image is a suit, because it is not true. I haven’t worn it myself for a long time, although there are those for whom it is everyday life and then it’s easier to look for a good style based on a classic style.

Find the right patterns and inspiration.

If you have already defined a style that is close to you, look for patterns that will help you achieve it. The saying “one picture is more than a thousand words” works well in fashion. You can look for inspiring photos in many places: on blogs and websites, in magazines, catalogs and brand lookbooks, on Facebook profiles and on internet forums. 

Get some basic knowledge.

Without basic knowledge in any field, it is usually done by trial and error, and the latter in the case of fashion can be expensive. It is useful to know which shoes and jackets are timeless, why an acrylic sweater is a bad choice and how to buy your first suit. These are just examples. The best source of knowledge is, of course, trending videos 2020, the Internet (blogs, forums, etc.) and books.

Do a wardrobe cleaning.

Open your wardrobe and see how many clothes you have that you haven’t worn in several months. If you have not used them, it means that you do not need them, so let them go without sentiment. Too bad the space in the wardrobe for such “specimens”. 

Learn to choose the right size.

The vast majority of men in India wear clothes that are too large and several sizes too large. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest fashion sins of my compatriots. They want comfort more than good looks. Unfortunately, it affects the perception of the whole figure badly – it adds kilos and years, and the man looks sloppy. 

Tailoring alterations – low cost, big difference.

If you’ve already done cleaning your wardrobe and got rid of unnecessary things, then after looking at the appropriate number of inspirations and following the previous point, you will probably come to the conclusion that the clothes left in your wardrobe are not perfect. Alright! You have to admit that too baggy shirt, too long trousers or sleeves in a jacket, baggy jacket – don’t worry; there are many things to save. In some cases, a minor tailoring change can significantly improve the appearance of things. 

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