How to support your love and friendship together during the critical time?

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Lockdown made everyone stay indoors and need to protect themselves for safeguarding themselves from covid 19. During this lockdown, many people find a different type of life situation and many of us get the effect by this pandemic timeline. One of the most fun things that happen in the lockdown is being with your friends along with your girlfriendBeing in the same room with your roomies and girlfriend will bring a big clash between them. The toughest situation is about how to handle the satiation and need to support both of them at the same time. Need to share food and other stuff but having a contrasting personality will make you feel worried and fun on it. 

Love vs friendship

 The clash begins with the roomies vs girlfriend where you need to handle the place peacefully over it. The character plays these casts are sampark , rituraj, and about, these are people are playing a major role in the videos about how to stay indoors by sharing the foodstuff and rooms. Talk about how to handle the situation in a hygienic and proper way and without moving out for many days. Need to move out for necessary and need things also need to give importance for both love and friendship?

Alright is the most popular YouTube channel on the internet and with millions of subscribers and viewers for their channel. Now they come with different content with this current situation which happens in recent times. The video topic is all about new web series where they comically created the concept to entertain their subscriber and their audiences. The narrator Badri Chavan plays a major role in this script about handle both friend and girlfriend. The female cast is Anushka Sharma alright and Nikhil Vijay plays the major role in the latest web series.

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This makes their YouTube channel to the peak level also gets more subscribers and viewers for every video on it. Every time they use to come with a new video which becomes more popular and gets a viral video on the internet and social media. The YouTube channel narrator also gives Badri Chavan a new video on their channel and gets more views on it. Their channel video becomes a viral video and trending videos on the internet and on social media tooThe video is full of the college romance 2 theme-based one on comic effect on it

The filter copy is the most popular and familiar YouTube channel and it comes with high-class content to make their audience happy with a more satisfied one on it. The YouTube channel comes with high-quality content with comedy and a deep message to think about. Even the channel takes much reasonability and responsibility about the nation with a trending video topic to deliver the major on it. The channel also gives more content with comedy in sense to make the audience think more enough. Every time they come with a new type of video and it becomes more effective and become viral videos 2021 on the internet as well as social media. The filter copy is the most popular and familiar

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