How to Use Textures & Patterns to Enhance your Rooms

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Patterns to Enhance your Rooms

Home decor is not just about the right colors on your walls. It involves a variety of design elements. Textures and patterns are among the most important aspects of home decor. They add a sensory and visual depth to your space. They can enhance the vibe of the room and make it more comforting. Here, we shall discuss what are textures and patterns and how to use them for your space.

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Using texture for your space

The texture denotes the surface quality of the material that is used for the walls, ceiling, floors, and other accessories in a room. The texture is usually felt in relativity to the material of adjacent surfaces. Texture can be added to the room for tactile as well as visual purposes. One should try to achieve a balance in roughness and smoothness to get a sensory experience in a room. Different types of materials can be used to create a rich array of textures that add to the sensory perception.

Textures can be applied to the room through simple objects like curtains, windows, wooden cabinets, and upholstery. Every object can have a unique contribution. Having a textured wall can be an innovative way to enhance the effect of the wall as a focal point of the room.

Smooth and shiny surfaces can have a light and airy effect on the room. They will reflect a lot of light and give a sense of openness. Raised textures will absorb more light and create a better sense of comfort and coziness.

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Using patterns for your space

Patterns denote a colorful graphic that uses repetitive art forms to create a template or a design on the wall. Patterns are generally used to add more color to space in a minimalistic and elegant way. There can be a variety of patterns that can be extravagant as well. It adds illustration to the space to give a more artistic appearance to the room.

Patterns can be used to accent your walls or specific corners of the room. It can highlight different areas of your room. Patterns with floral and leafy art can give a peaceful and spiritual vibe. Specific types of art forms can be used to give a unique vibe to space.

Extra tips for best effects

·         Use smooth and shiny textures for spaces where you want more light. Hard, reflective surfaces will light up these areas beautifully. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the amount of light in an area, use rough and absorbent textures to give a feeling of warmth and coziness.

·         Patterns can be excellent for kid’s rooms. Visual stimuli can be very uplifting for the mind of a child. Patterns can create an energetic space that can encourage kids to have a fun time in their rooms.

·         Patterns and textures with high contrast may seem attractive but they may feel disorienting and annoying over a period.

·         Strong patterns and textures can be used to create a focal point in an otherwise simple room. Having a focal point can give an organized and structural look to your space.

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