Jio Rockers: The Most Popular Website to Download Telegu Movies

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Jio Rockers: The Most Popular Website to Download Telegu Movies

Jio Rockers is an Indian website that offers all regional movies to download for free. As we all Indians of all ages are crazy about movies a fact that cannot be denied or neglected. Almost every state boasts of having its own regional movies apart from Bollywood that rules the country. Among the different regional movies, the one that is next to Bollywood in the number of releases is the Tollywood or Telegu movie industry. There are several well-known actors and actresses in Tollywood who have given numerous hits. Some of the popular hits have also been remade in Hindi and other regional languages. These days, the national TV channels have started to broadcast dubbed Tollywood movies. Hence, Indians from across the country have realized the potential of these movies and have been enjoying it thoroughly.

Jio Rockers is an Indian website that offers all regional movies to download for free.

Increasing craze for Telegu movies

The craze for Telegu movies has only increased even among non-Telegu people of all ages. The reason is because of the stars who have been acting superbly, exotic locations, cinematography, dubbed into Hindi version with great dialogues, compelling and interesting story, action, comedy and catchy item song numbers. These movies have every type of masala that is required to be a huge hit. This is why people have been seeking more of Telegu movies including new and old ones to watch with their families.

Free download options

The introduction of the high-speed net and sophisticated gadgets like desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and smartTV, etc. have completely changed how people watch movies. Now, if are interested to watch Telegu movies at you own leisure and anywhere, you can depend upon reputed sites like jio rockers telugu movies download.

What is Jio Rockers?

It is considered to be a website that offers you with plenty of movies in all categories and languages including Telegu to download on your desktop or smartphone as per your desire. Moreover, downloading any movie from the site is absolutely free, which means, you do not have to paying anything to watch your favourite movies. It does boast of having movies in huge numbers to cater to your changing moods and mental needs. It is also among the top searched site on the web to download Telegu, Hindi, Hollywood, Tamil and Malayalam movies.

Legal or illegal to download jio rockers telugu movies 2018

Jio Rockers basically is considered to be an illegal torrent site, which allows its users to freely download copyright contents easily and quickly. It is a popular site that is said to host different types of pirated Copyright contents in huge numbers. But the movies available to be downloaded are of different qualities like HD to low. However, the most popularly downloaded format is 720p.

About Jio Rockers

This site got established in 2017 and since then has been offering its visitors with various types of Telegu movies, including other regional languages like Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy watching movies right on the release date, which is indeed full of fun and excitement, especially at a time, when you & your family are confined within your home due to extended lockdown because of Covid-19 spreading at a faster rate. Jio Rockers gives you the privilege to stay sane and be at home without getting bored even for a single minute.

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What are the features offered with jio rockers?

  • There is easily available movies in different languages in huge collection ready to be downloaded without much effort or hassle and also quickly.
  • Movies offered on this site for download is completely free and not chargeable.
  • You can find movies of various sizes and qualities.
  • Several categories are present under which you can find your favourite movies. Searching becomes very easy and quick. Some people might not remember the movie’s name that they plan to watch with their spouse or family. In such a case, going through the different categories can help them to find their choice of movie without wasting any time or energy. Few of the categories present in this website are:
    • jio rockers telugu movies
    • Telegu dubbed movies
    • Tamil movies
    • Hollywood movies
    • Latest Bollywood movies

You can come across dubbed movies in various languages here. Even there are present animated movies for children of all ages to keep them engaged during this lockdown period and to ensure they stay thoroughly entertained after their studies and holidays.

How movies can be downloaded from Jio Rockers website?

Jio Rockers was initially referred to as telugu rockers, which offered visitors with illegal torrent files. Today, every person, irrespective of geographical location, age and gender loves to watch different types and languages of movies. Although there are several sites on the web which claim to offer quality movie download, the majority are found to either take some charges or offer poor quality downloads or have plenty of ads in them or require subscriptions. People in huge numbers try to find websites that not only offer them with plethora of free movies to download and watch at their own leisure hours, but also are of good quality. This site is completely reliable and safe to be used every time to download your choice of Telegu or other regional movies of choice. Also, you can watch the latest movies at this site. There are also plenty of old movies to enjoy during your leisure time.

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Downloading contents from the website comes with easy and quick procedure that anyone with very less or no technical skills can manage effortlessly. The contents available at this site for download purpose ranges between 360p & 720p respectively.

Download procedure

You need to know how to search your favourite movies and download it the right way onto your gadget for current or future viewing purpose. the procedure is given below:

  • The very first step is to visit Jio Rockers site. Search for category of movies and go through the list of jio rockers 2018 telugu movies. Identify the ones that you wish to download for viewing purpose.
  • On finding the searching list, choose the movie which you are eager to download.
  • Click on the specific movie link. There opens immediately a different page, where you get to see different types of information pertaining to movie release date, genre & other crucial & relevant information, necessary to make the final selection.
  • Next to download the favourite movie, click ‘Continue download page’.
  • Once done, you can find different movie download link types coming on the page.
  • Choose a link and click on it to start the downloading process.

Is it safe to download favourite movies from this website or not?

Trying to stream or download movies from this site is not completely safe. The reason is because, most movies found here of all types and languages are pirated copyright contents. In some countries downloading and watching copyrighted movies from such sites is a crime and also involves huge amount as fine. Most copyright movies come with some indication of being a copyright content or have watermarks in it. Hence, it will be wise to access this site using a reliable VPN service. According to Indian government rules, such sites are banned to download movies. Anti-piracy law does state that downloading movies from the site is illegal. However, jio rockers 2018 telugu movie download still operates and is available for free for anyone eager to watch any old or new movie in any category of their choice.

The main reason for the huge success of popular free movie download sites like Jio Rockers is because they offer their visitors with free HD movies in all categories in huge numbers. Hence, such online sites can be considered to be a boon for all movie lovers, especially those who are not eager to spend precious money to download movies of their choice. They do choose to download and support pirated contents from these online portals, thus allowing it to grow in leap and bounds and provide movies for free. Jio Rockers site has been in use for quite a long time and offering copyright films to those who wish to watch it during their free time.

However, when using the site for downloading movies, users are likely to face small problems like popup notifications. You need to be cautious when downloading movies from the site. But when compared to other free downloading sites, it is much safe and easy to navigate tool that offers quick download without hampering movie quality in any manner.


Although in India, this site is operating illegally, it does boast of having millions of hits on a daily basis. Majority of the people prefer to visit the site just to download their favourite regional or Hollywood or Bollywood movie to watch with friends or families. You can also find downloading links of different movies at several social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Besides movies, you can also find variety of contents in this site. There are numerous Hindi TV soaps, dramas, cartoon animations, web series, etc., ready to be downloaded. The categories also include drama, action, romance, horror movies and much more!

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