Best Tamil Movies That are Dubbed to Telugu Movies

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Update July 2020: More movies added to the list of Best Tamil to Telugu Dubbed Movies

There has been a lot of Tamil to Telugu dubbed movies, that have been successfully distributed to the market and also available to various streaming services.

So, what are the all-time Best Tamil to Telugu Dubbed movies that we recommend you to watch at least once in your lifespan?

Luckily for you, here at aha movies, we as a team have put together a shortlist of Telugu dubbed movies which are some of the best out there, and its definitely a movie you want to make time to watch.

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So what does this mean for you? Well, you don’t need to spend time researching to look for those movies as we will be providing you with the list and you will just need to watch them.

All-Time Best Tamil to Telugu Dubbed Movies[Updated: July 2020]

Some of the movies in the list below are based on our personal views and some of them are taken from the answere written on Quora By Mounika Chithaluri


Mariyaan Movie Poster

The movie is based on a real-life crisis event from a newspaper article. The story of the movie takes place in a village name Neerody, and the protagonist Mariyaan Joseph (Dhanush) is a fisherman in the village.

Mariyaan then falls in love with Panimalar (Parvathy) but finds himself in a financial problem and to support her financially he was forced to take a contract job in Sudan for 2 years.

However, he was caught in an unfortunate event after he serves his 2-year employment term.


Taramani Movie Poster

Taramani is a movie that is a romance thriller drama movie that is filled with a lot of twists and turns and if you enjoy movies with such narrative then you would want to watch this movie as its definitely one of those movies that will stir your emotion.

The movie revolves around Prabunath (Vasanth Ravi) and Athea Johnson (Andrea Jeremiah) where both of them have different backgrounds but ended up finding each other by coincident and falling for each other.

However, the movie depicts how life can be complicated where it isn’t very straightforward and their love of each other does not last and Prabunath being heartbroken a couple of times turns into a bad person.


Kalasala Movie Poster

The movie is centered around friendship and college life, the movie is definitely one of those feel-good movies and can be relatable to the audience out there.

The movie follows 9 childhood friends Muthuchulven (Akhil), Ramesh (Bharani), Nagarani (Sailatha), Kayalvizhi (Hemalatha). Adhilakshmi (Rajeshwari), Albert (Prakash), Kamakshinathan (Kamakshinathan), Salima (Mayareddy) and Iyanar (ThisaigalArunkumar) who are all from a poor background.

All 9 friends went to college together and are taking the same class where they met a girl named Shobana (Tamannaah) who became part of their group of friends.

I have the list of a couple of Tamil movies which grabbed the attention of Telugu audience despite the language barrier. I think Tamil and Telugu filmmakers follow similar movie making since we find subtle differences while watching the Tamil movie.


RAJA RANI Movie Wallpaper

The movie follows 9 childhood friends Muthuchulven (Akhil), Ramesh (Bharani), Nagarani (Sailatha), Kayalvizhi (Hemalatha). Adhilakshmi (Rajeshwari), Albert (Prakash), Kamakshinathan (Kamakshinathan), Salima (Mayareddy) and Iyanar (ThisaigalArunkumar) who are all from a poor background.


KHO- RANGAM Movie Wallpaper

The story commences with Ashwath who is a popular press photographer and he is there to capture the action in his lens. His team comprises the energetic Saro who takes care of the entertainment section and Renuka, an investigative journalist.

Saro and Renuka love Ashwath but he attracts to Renuka because of her elegance and diligence. He rejects Saro since she treats her like the best buddy.

These three people engross in news coverage regarding elections in the city to publish in their newspaper. so they always behind the politicians to track the information swiftly.

under such circumstances, there is a tough fight between the ruling and opposition parties. In between this, there is another force emerging in the form of Vasanth who is a youth leader with vision. The story takes a turn with the death of Saro due to an explosion. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Engaeyum Epputhum- JOURNEY

Engaeyum Epputhum- JOURNEY Movie Wallpaper

Amrita- Gowtham Story!

Amrita who belongs to the nativity of Vijayawada comes to Hyderabad to attend a job interview and contacts her sister who resides in Hyderabad but she is unable to pick her up since she went to the hospital to see her uncle that day. so through call, she helps Amritha by giving directions for reaching interview destination,but when she is about to tell the address, Amrita takes time to sinks in, since she never been to Hyderabad before, so she takes the help of a stranger Gowtham (who comes to give sendoff to his friend at the same time), to understand the details in phone call regarding address. To his fate, he has to get accompany Amrita till her Interview place at the behest of her sister.

Amrita is a kind of naive girl and always feels suspicious about the city guys in a journey which irritate him sometimes and meanwhile, they travel the whole day together till the completion of her interview because of Amrita’s fear of traveling alone in the city and at the end of the day, they parted their ways without exchange the numbers and thorough details.

Amrita realizes her love after coming back to her town so she again comes to Hyderabad to track him but she didn’t find any traces of him so she returns to Vijayawada from Hyderabad. Meanwhile, on the other side, Gowtham went to Vijayawada to meet Amrita but he didn’t catch her up and he returns from Vijayawada to Hyderabad.

Krishna- Madhumati Story!

Krishna works in a metal shop in Vijayawada and he falls in love with a neighbor Madhumati who is a dominating girl and keeps Krishna in constant tests to approve his love. When she approved his love, he wants to introduce her to his family so they set off their journey from Vijayawada to his native place Suryapet.

Now, A bus starts from Hyderabad in which Amrita set off her journey and another bus starts from Vijayawada in which Krishna, Madhumati and Gowtham embarking on along with co-passengers.

what happens when these two buses traveling in opposite direction crash out each other forms the rest of the story.

Alai Payuthey – SAKHI

Alai Payuthey - SAKHI Movie Wallpaper

Karthik and Shakti meet each other at their friend’s wedding and he falls for shakti at first sight and follows her until she approved his love.

Shakti is a medical student and she has one elder sibling called Poorni who awaits for wedlock. Karthik is a Software engineer and seriously engrossed in building his startup with his friends.

so one day they disclose this matter in their families and made them agree for alliance but Karthik’s father does not like Shakthi as she is from a lower financial background and he degrades her family when they meet for matchmaking. so Shakti called off this relationship.

To get over this incident, she leaves for medical camp in Kerala but soon realizes that they can’t live happily without each other. so they got married without the consent of family and hide this matter and continue to meet outside whenever they get time by hoping one-day everything will be alright.

But when Shakti’s sister Poorni, on the verge of getting engaged, her parents fix her marriage with the brother of Poorni ’s groom. so shakti spilled the beans about her secret wedding and eventually, Poorni’s engagement gets canceled and her parents threw shakti out of the house.

So, Karthik and Shakthi start living against the wishes of their families but untoward incidents disturbed their married life and how they dealt with those unexpected obstacles posed by destiny is the rest of the story.

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal – NUVVU NENU PREMA

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal - NUVVU NENU PREMA Movie Wallpaper

A beautiful wife and husband with her daughter living happily in the Mumbai city but what happens when the wife comes to know about his husband past love story is the main theme of the movie. Three main characters in the movie Surya, Jyothika and Bhoomika were acted like as if they were going through the situation and they were at top-notch in carrying emotional scenes.


CHANDRAMUKHI Movie Wallpaper

Often, we feel terrible when we heard about the stories which pertain to ghosts. This movie comes under this zoner.

An NRI called Kailash and his wife Ganga came to India and decide to stay in their ancestral home despite the wary about the ghosts in that particular building. They live in their colossal Mahal along with the joint family of their maternal uncle. when everything goes smooth, some inexplicable incidents are happening in the mahal without the involvement of anyone.

so they called the renowned psychiatrist called Eshwar who is the best friend of Kailash to resolve this case and they come to know that Ganga’s body was impersonated by female Ghost called Chandramukhi since Ganga suffers from split personality disorder during childhood which made easy to enter into Ganga’s body for Chandramukhi.

Now, what happens when the insatiable ghost with past vendetta entered into Ganga’s persona to take vengeance on the psychiatrist who is a king in that past life and treacherously killed her without least concern on her life since she had an affair with dance master. so how the husband saves his wife with the help of the psychiatrist is the rest of the story.

Kannathil Muthamittal – AMRUTHA

Kannathil Muthamittal - AMRUTHA Movie Wallpaper

When little baby Amrutha comes to know the secret behind her birth, urges to feel to see her own mother who is a Srilankan refugee and she sets off the journey to the native place of her mother along with adopted parents.

Then how the trio faces tyrannies during scouting for her mother and whether Amrutha finally meets her mother or not forms the rest of the story.

Every Indian must watch film and a great movie from the legend Maniratnam.


Anniyan - APARICHITHUDU Movie Wallpaper

I think actor Vikram got huge fanbase across worldwide after this film and as usual director, Shankar made the film with an intense storyline.

coming to the story, Ramanujam, a sincere citizen, and a diplomatic lawyer and he is suffering from multiple personality disorder like he is the lawyer in the day time and vigilante at night. but he unaware of the fact about his disorder.

He is completely vexed with the people who were corruption oriented and for which the common people suffer a lot due to the illegal activities committed by them. so to expose antisocial elements and to eliminate corruption in the society, he followed the tips from the Garuda Purana to create tranquility in the society.

Sandakozhi – PANDEM KODI

Sandakozhi - PANDEM KODI Movie Wallpaper

The hero in the movie happened to fight with the local gangster during his visit to his friend’s village after the completion of his graduation. so the gangster make plans to retaliate on the hero and he followed him till his native place and tried a number of attempts to kill the hero but he can’t because of the hero’s influential family background in his native place and when the hero comes to know regarding this serious felony. How he has bashed out them is the rest of the story.

BOYS Movie

BOYS Movie Wallpaper

The story is about the five college boys who are happy-go-lucky in their life and always behind the girls, parties and unhealthy habits which usually teenage guys went through if there is no proper mentor in that chaotic age.

when one of the guys in their group married against the wishes of their parents, he was thrown out by them from the house. so all the friends decide to help his friend and meanwhile, they all left their homes and went to some other place.

After that, they face traumatic situations and meanwhile, they learn to earn money by singing devotional album songs.

How these buddy’s gang settle in their life with their singing and dancing talent and how do they realize the value of life and parents and how parents should responsible for their children deeds at that chaotic age forms the rest of the story.


Surya’s GHAJINI Movie Wallpaper

Kalpana, an audacious and independent woman who is working as a model in Add industry. Sanjay Ramasamy, an eminent business tycoon and he fell for Kalpana’s compassionate attitude and followed her and introduced him like a stranger and made friend with her. one day both happen to leave for other cities. During her visit to Mumbai by the train, Kalpana came upon 25 innocent young girls being trafficked to Mumbai and she saves the girls who spilled the beans about the gangster behind the group. so that gangster murdered Kalpana in her apartment and severely hit the Sanjay with the iron rod on the head, so the Sanjay loses his subconscious memory and suffers from a disease called anterograde amnesia because of this, he is unable to remember anything beyond 15 minutes. Under these circumstances, he scouts for the people who were responsible for Kalpana’s brutal death and how he finds the gang and killed them with the help of Chitra, a medical student who engross in investing the Sanjay Ramasamy case as she is working on a project about the human brain.

7/G Rainbow Colony- 7/G BRINDAVAN COLONY

7/G Rainbow Colony- 7/G BRINDAVAN COLONY

Ravi, an unsettled and the aimless guy and often berated by his father for his naive activities and Anitha, a North Indian girl who came new to the colony and staying along with her family beside Ravi’s apartment eventually he falls for the elegance of Anitha and always behind her and taunts her like a beast then she made him realize about his responsibilities towards family and also showed him way to work in some company and when they both decide to live the happy life, one day Anitha met with an accident and died at that instant which leaves Ravi in lifelong desolation.


JEANS Movie Wallpaper

Coming to the story, Vishwanath, a medical student in the USA working as an intern in the hospital and Madhumita, who came to the USA with her granny and brother for the removal of the brain tumor to her Grandmother in the same hospital.

When Madhu’s granny maltreated by the doctors at the hospital, Vishu discovers the problem and resolve the issue smoothly. Due to this obliging nature, Madhu falls for Vishu and eventually later one too.

Now, twist of the plot is that Vishu has twin brother called Ram when Vishu and Madhumitha took their love proposal to his father, then he put a stricture that his twin sons should marry identical twin sisters else the proposal would not come into picture since he and his twin brother estranged because of the despotic nature of his twin brother’s wife.

so to solve the problem, Madhu’s grandmother fabricated a story to Vishu’s father that Madhu too has a twin sister named Vyshnavi who has been brought up in an orthodox Brahmin household. Then how Vishu and Madhu convinced his father for their alliance despite the fabricated story is the rest of the story. That’s a long saga.

Singham – YAMUDU

Singham - YAMUDU Wallpaper

Narasimha is a Sub-Inspector at Rajolu, East Godavari. He is a good cop, settles family feuds in the village with due respect and punishes malicious with powerful fights. He is primarily a guy who loves his family. Purushottam is a real estate goonda in Vizag, who earns money through coercion and kidnapping. With a twist of misdeeds to his name, Purushottam is forced to go to Rajolu, where his attitude makes him juxtaposing with the outspoken cop. As Narasimha, rises in the cadre, their enmity grows into a full-blown war between the two. How it happens and how it ends is the rest of the story and of course, there is a love story between Narasimha and Kavya

Payya – AWAARA

Payya - AWAARA wallpaper

Shiva, a frivolous guy who is very jocund about life goes to Bangalore in search of a job and he almost gets placed in some company with the help of his close friends but decides not to attend the interview because he falls for Charu at first sight but unable to bump into her because of some interferences. so he is in the quest of her, but one day when he supposed to pick his friend from the railway station in the car, Charu with his uncle asked him to drive them in his car till the Nellore thought that he is a car driver, on seeing her, he agreed to drive them but in the middle of the travel when her uncle out from the car, Charu with the mysterious face asked Shiva to start car without him and to drive till the airport but untowardly flight got missed for her so she requested him to drop till Mumbai as she finds no source to go to that place except Shiva. On her earnest request, he drives her to Mumbai, the two are chased down by two different gangs for different reasons.

Thuppakki – THUPAKI

Thuppakki - THUPAKI wallpaper

Jagadish, an army captain returning from Kashmir on vacation to stay with the family who are residing in Mumbai and they found a suitable bride Nisha for him on his arrival and at the time of matchmaking, he rejected her by claiming false excuses like commenting about her being old fashioned and later came to know that she is a university level boxer who is completely modern in outward appearance . Then he realizes about her and proposed to her even though, she refuses initially but accepts his love later.

Next, Jagadish came to know that one mastermind gangster planning for the 12 colossal blasts in the city with the help of sleeper agent and as an ardent cop, how he protects Mumbai from the hardcore blasts and at the same time, his family from the precarious gangster and how Jagadish sabotages his entire terrorist empire in the city forms the rest of the story

Velaiyilla Pattathari – RAGHUVARAN BTECH

Velaiyilla Pattathari - RAGHUVARAN BTECH

Raghuvaran, An unemployed graduate faces difficulties in finding his respective profile job i.e., civil engineer as he does not want to do some IT and BPO jobs and as expected he has been berating by his father for not being employed and for aimlessly roaming with the friends.

But Raghu has friendly relation with his mother where he shares everything with her and she always backed him in front of this father when he does any misdeeds unknowingly.

His younger brother, Karthi who works in an IT company, earning well and always heeds to his father words.

Shalini, a beautiful lady came as the neighbor for Raghuvaran and eventually both fell for each other but do not let it out.

one fine day when the absence of his father and brother, Raghu left her mother alone at home and went to pick up Shalini at the behest of her.

What happened to her mother and how the situation transforms the Raghu ‘s life forms the rest of the story.

Naan Mahan Alla – NAA PERU SHIVA

Naan Mahan Alla - NAA PERU SHIVA

Shiva is the son of a taxi driver and a happy-go-lucky guy who always leads the happy life with his family, friends and he has a beautiful girlfriend who likes Shiva very much so there were no conflicts in Siva’s life except some financial matters.

Everything goes well until his father becomes the accidental witness to the horrendous acts of a ferocious rapist gang who beheaded the bodies of the victims.

since the whole city faces a macabre series of deaths, police are untiringly scouting for those criminals. so under these circumstances, wary of getting caught to the cops due to the evidence given by the shiva’s father persuades them to kill his father and they successfully did it after a couple of attempts.

without having any clue regarding father’s death, how Shiva will find the gang who is responsible for his father’s death is the main theme of the story.


Three(3) Movie Wallpaper

As usual, Ram and Janani two youngsters fall in love with each other and married against the wishes of their parents at a young age and they are leading the happy life by seriously working on their lives and two families accepted them with the flow of time.

when everything goes well Ram came to know that he is suffering from Bipolar disorder where he can’t control his extreme anger levels which may lead to the obliteration of the people.

so what step does Ram take to protect his people from his treacherous disorder forms the rest of the story?


Eeram - VAISHALI Wallpaper

A beautiful newly-wed couple named Bala and Vaishali bought the apartment and leads the happy life but one of their neighbor in that flats always tells that they thought this specific apartment gift to her daughter but luckily that new couple grabbed it. out of the jealous, neighbor lady wants to disturb the life of this couple so that they left from it as soon as possible.

so she defames the character of Vaishali in front of her husband who dislikes the private affairs of girls so he thought that Vaishali too involved in those affairs and he suspects her and believed everything around her vicinities except Vaishali

one find day Vaishali died and was found drowned in a bathroom tub in her new apartment and no one knows the exact reason why she had committed suicide and eventually she became ghost and impersonated in her sister’s body to kill the people who were responsible for her tragedic death.

This case has given to a disciplined cop Vasu who is an ex-boyfriend of Vaishali before her marriage and not only that Vaishali’s death case meanwhile series of macabre’s happened in that apartment so he needs to resolve that cases too

so how the case will be de-cluttered by the cop and how Vaishali’s soul leave her sister body forms the rest of the story.

Enthiran – Robo

Enthiran - Robo Wallpaper

Vasikaran, a famous scientist created a Robot called Chitti to help the Indian army. This Robot simply looks like a human with the exact features of Vasikaran.

Sana who is the girlfriend of Vasikaran takes this robot with her for a while just to test the intelligence of it. so she uses this robot called Chitti for her own purposes and made friend with it.

When this Chitti Robot fails to get the approval and appreciation of the people because of his insensitivity towards human emotions, Vasikaran made some changes to this Chitti Robot and created a total humanoid Robot which feels pain and pleasure.

Now, the twist of the story comes when Sana talks to him, he feels for her actions and loves her beauty. From then onwards, Chitti Robot starts detesting Vasikaran and embark on impressing Sana through his powers.

without noticing all these behavioral changes in Chitti Robot, Sana and Vasikaran blindly take it for testing purpose to the military approval.

What happens when this Robot backfires and how that robot can exercise his undeniable powers to get what he wants and how the scientist planned the destruction of an inconsiderate robot to save the people from his horrible acts forms the rest of the story.

Pichaikkaran – BICHAGADU

Pichaikkaran - BICHAGADU Wallpaper

An Eminent business tycoon begs for 41 days across the city without unveiling his identity to anyone just to save her mother who went to comatose after met with an accident as said by the priests.

Meanwhile, during his exile, Arun falls for Maheswari who is working as a Pizza maker and she too likes him very much for his simplicity and when she comes to know that he is a beggar she felt depressed but she is unable to forget him.

One day her Mom spilled the beans about Arun on seeing his photo in her laptop. so when she comes to know about the actual fact about Arun, she starts respecting him and helps him in completing this journey.

During this journey, Arun discovered about some gambling in the hospital with the help of one patient. so how he resolved that issue and Whether his mother comes to the consciousness or not after the successful completion of the ritual will form the rest of the story

Padaiyappa – NARASIMHA

Padaiyappa - NARASIMHA Wallpaper

Narasimha’s father is severely degraded by his uncle and forced them to leave their house by capturing all their properties and his father died there itself since he is unable to digest the deceit of his own brother.

so, Narasimha along with his mother and sister lived in a small hut which was earned by his father but fortunately, that land became their gold digger and brings fortunes to his family.

Meanwhile, he married the love of his life by ignoring his uncle’s daughter Nilambari who went to exile for 18 years due to depression of not marrying to him and has become a rebel to create hurdles to Narasimha’s family as vengeance but he cleverly overcomes all the caveats created by her without much effort. so unable to digest his triumph, she herself left the soul.

Moondram Pirai – VASANTHA KOKILA

Moondram Pirai - VASANTHA KOKILA Wallpaper

Lakshmi is enjoying happily with her friends at the picnic and when she returns to home from holiday, unexpectedly she meets with an accident. After her recovery, the doctors informed that she is suffering from amnesia and she behaves like a kid from then.

In shocking circumstances, she is sold to Pimp. Meanwhile, Seenu arrives at the same brothel house, with the compulsion of his friend. There he meets the Laxmi and understands the mental condition of her meanwhile, feels very sorrow for her situation.

Then Immediately, he takes her along with him to his place in Ooty where he works as a school teacher and renamed her as Viji and slowly develops the penchant for each other.

Seenu takes her to the Ayurvedic doctor for the speedy recovery of her disease and eventually, Viji got recovered from the disease but she remembered the things before the accident and forgot everything after to it. The story takes turns when Lakshmi alias Viji forgot Seenu and his efforts in bringing her to a normal person and treats him like a stranger.

What happens when Seenu tries to convince Viji forms the rest of the story.

10 Enradhukulla- TEN

10 Enradhukulla- TEN Wallpaper

Vikram a driving instructor never reveal his actual name to deliver a woman named Shakeela to Pooran Singh in Mussoorie. Shakeela is an orphan who has failed her driving test 14 times. The driving instructor is constantly irritated by Shakeela’s antics during the journey to Mussoorie but soon falls in love with her. At Mussoorie, he knew from Pooran that Shakeela is to be delivered to Daksha Bhai an upper-caste landlord from a Uttarakhand village. He delivers Shakeela to Daksha and is invited to stay at his ancestral mansion for a festival. During the stay, he finds out why Shakeela has been delivered to Daksha. Shakeela is the doppelganger of Daksha Bhai’s sister Gadgi Moi a cruel, merciless upper-caste leader who has been sentenced to death for orchestrating a massacre against the lower-caste people. Daksha Bhai plans to send Shakeela to jail instead of Gadgi, who has been released on parole to perform the last rites of her dead grandmother.

Then how Shakeela escapes from this tragedy and what happens to Gadgi Moi and her brother and how Vikram saves the Shakeela forms the rest of the story.


Nanban - SNEHITHUDU Wallpaper

One friend is enough to lead the simple and happy life is the perfect example for this movie.

In a gang of three friends, Pani who is a smart and intelligent person and always views the life in a simple manner but never setbacks in his life and always do the things whatever he wants to do and achieves the results with the perfection.

He changed the life of his friends through his acts and words and stood as an inspiration to their friends but after graduation, he went into exile where no one knows about his details. so his friends set off to find him and during this quest, they canceled Priya’s wedding who is the love interest of Pani

Did they find Pani in the quest of their journey and what actually Pani is doing forms the rest of the story?

Kadhalar Dhinam – PREMIKULA ROJU

Kadhalar Dhinam - PREMIKULA ROJU Wallpaper

Coming to the story, Raja is from a poor family and has an illiterate background, despite the onerous situations at home, he bagged a seat in eminent RIMS (an MBA institution) in Mumbai with the help of the prof Ramachandra (Dean of RIMS) who was once from a similar background likeRaja.

During college days, he met Roja on an internet chat via Email and the love blossoms between them but never get the chance to see each other, still after a couple of attempts to meet. so they get suspicious of their love sometimes.

whenever Raja got to know that the girl he met in the chat is the daughter of his favorite professor, he sacrificed her but when professor found that the Raja loves his daughter Roja, he united them as he was aware of the Raja love story previously.

Roja Kootam – ROJAPULU

Roja Kootam - ROJAPULU Wallpaper

Arun and Aakash are the best friends since childhood and fall for the same girl called Mano without knowing to each other but she is in love with Aakash who introduced Mano to Arun that she is his girlfriend and due to his poor family background unable to let it out to anyone. He also requested Arun that he should look after Mano while his absence because he is leaving India for abroad for higher studies.

Arun sacrificed his love for friend’s sake and never revealed his interest to anyone except his Mom. Meanwhile, Mano’s mom fixed her marriage with some other guy, so to escape from this situation, she married Arun just to live happily without her mom’s intimidation since she is a police officer.

Now Arun’s father too did not allow them to enter their house as they married without any information and not only that they degraded their family reputation.

so both guys start living together as friends and Arun sincerely work hard to make enough money for their living by selling Teddy bears etc., and also to support Mano needs.

Meanwhile, Aakash returns to India but reluctant to accept Mano since he needs to marry some other girl for the sake of his sister’s marriage.

Then what step did Mano take after hearing this news and did she ever know the love interest of Arun forms the rest of the story?


ROJA Movie Wallpaper

A village woman called Roja married to cryptologist Rishi. on his visit to Kashmir along with wife on the work grounds, he was kidnapped by the terrorist. Then how this demure woman saves his husband’s life and how she leads the life without knowing the language in that state forms the rest of the story.

Deiva Thirumagal – NANNA

Deiva Thirumagal - NANNA Wallpaper

Krishna is a mentally-challenged adult whose wife dies while giving birth to his daughter Vennela. He works in a chocolate factory and is being helped by his colleagues and owner. When Vennela is 5 years old, she is forcibly taken by her grandfather then how Krishna carries a legal battle with him for his daughter with the help of a young lawyer.

Irumbu Thirai- ABHIMANYUDU

Irumbu Thirai- ABHIMANYUDU Wallpaper

Karunakar is an army major who has always wished to get his sister married into a rich family. To fulfill his desire, he forges documents and gets his loan approved. But the entire loan amount vanishes from his account within no time. Due to this misery, he became very desolated and starts vetting the case himself. In the quest of this, he unraveled that a popular cybercriminal is backing the team who is purloining the entire nation in similar cases. Then how Karunakar divulges about the cybercriminal to the society forms the rest of the story.

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