Learn Advanced Stick Shift Lessons To Drive Safely While Overcoming On-Road Obstacles

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Learn Advanced Stick Shift Lessons To Drive Safely While Overcoming On-Road Obstacles 1

Learning to drive a manual car is not a big deal, but the major concern is to learn how to drive stick shift safely- that’s the important lesson that every driver should need to learn. For many people, driving a car with a stick shift, also known as manual transmission, is difficult and this is why they chose to drive and buy automatic vehicles. Despite the rumors of manual car driving challenges, learning stick shift lessons to drive the car safely is an easy approach. By learning advanced stick shift driving techniques from a driving school instructor helps you know how to control the car in different driving situations and also makes you a more confident driver while driving on a busy road with obstacles like bad weather.

The ability to learn stick shift techniques will allow you to drive any type of vehicle regardless of it is automatic or manual. For many beginners, learning stick shift driving lessons at first seems impossible, but when they decide to get the training from the reputed Hermosa Beach driving school, they build their confidence as no training can ever be better than professional training.

Learn Professional Stick Shift Driving Lessons

Learning to drive a stick shift appears to be a daunting task, but trust the expertise of Hermosa Beach driving school instructors, their enhanced driving lessons will start feeling easier once they make you familiar with the manual transmission. Here’s the guidance of the Hermosa Beach driving school tutor to drive the stick shift safely:

Detail understanding of the pedals and their function

Before you begin to learn stick shift driving lessons, you need to understand that what apart stick shift car with an automatic transmission. It’s the use of a gear shifter and three different pedals in a stick shift car that make it different from automatic cars. So, the first lesson you will learn in a driving school is the understanding of different pedals and their functions.

The first pedal you’ll see on your left is the clutch, the middle pedal is the brake and the third pedal on your right is the accelerator. When you push ‘in’ the clutch pedal, you’re disengaging the assembly. When you’re lifting your foot off the clutch pedal, the car will move forward. And of course, the middle pedal i.e. brake allows you to stop the car when you want.

Understand the function of the gear shifter

A car with manual transmission is equipped with a gear shift usually in the middle of the passenger and driver seats. The location of the gear will be clearly marked on most manual transmission cars. If the gear shift is located in the center, it states that the car will be in neutral mode and you will be able to move the gear shifter back and forth as per the driving requirement.

Steps to start the car safely with no stress

  • To start a stick shift, you need to follow the few steps:
  • First, press the clutch pedal with your left foot
  • Make sure that the gear shifter is located in the center (neutral mode)
  • Turn the ignition with the car key
  • Now, slowly remove your foot from the clutch

Shift into first gear

Now that the engine is in running mode, it’s time to engage the role of the clutch using your left foot and shift the gear-lever into the first gear to move the car forward.

Keep the car in motion

To keep the car in motion, you need to disengage the parking brake while making sure that the clutch pedal is still depressed. Now, start lifting the clutch until you notice a drop in revs and clutch plates to come in contact.

With regular practice and detailed stick shift lessons of instructions, you’ll get used to using both feet and can safely drive the manual car with no fear. For a better and safe manual driving experience, keep following the safety instruction of the driving school.

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