Some Tips on Choosing a Sheepskin Coat

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Some Tips on Choosing a Sheepskin Coat 1

Who doesn’t dream about winter in winter this parameter becomes crucial when buying seasonal outerwear. But I will not forget the beauty even in the most terrible frosts. In addition, the very impressive price of heating “skins” does not allow you to take things only for a season. So, it is quite clear that the maximum responsibility we all approach is the question of choosing a fur coat or sheepskin factory. Here about the latter, we will talk in more detail.

And yet how to choose a quality sheepskin coat?

Everything is not that hard. The most important thing is to show maximum attention and to know some “subtleties”. First of all, when you just took your favorite thing in your hands, try immediately evaluating its exterior. On the face of the product you should not look naked, stains, small scratches, and suspicious origin spots. Such obvious signs indicate one thing – the sewn things in “craft” conditions.

Next point in our original guide “Choose a sheepskin coat” says: the product should not look wrinkled. And let them assure you they say it will rest and everything will pass. The well-made model perfectly holds the form. And even if you squeeze the coat very close in your hand, it will surely be fixed and take its former form.

Wrong side

Now it was time to investigate the wrong side. The coat should lie smoothly, in one direction. If you do not know how to choose a sheepskin, you must focus on where exactly the leather of the villi lies, one should resort to empirical methods. Simply put the coat with the palm of your hand to feel it. You can even try to unscrew the product. With a good model there will be nothing bad about this manipulation. But you can feel all the stitches.

About seams. They must be strong, on the “face” should not see villi. Ideally, double-breasted stitches are made on sheepskin coats. You didn’t want to use a sprawling product.

Very carefully feel and considerate models mounted from small pieces. Generally, before choosing a sheepskin, you need to think about it – will you save by buying cheaper items that are not made from whole hides? If the answer is yes, be very careful. Do not be lazy to compare the thickness and softness of each fragment. Everyone must have the same qualities. It is important and the uniformity of the heights and the uniformity of the seams.

What about beauty?

On how to evaluate a sheepskin coat, tried the violet counter, but the question is, what kind of sheepskin to choose, you will have to decide intuitively. Predicting where your heart stops is quite difficult. Someone likes a classic and someone is looking for trendy little things. But you have to understand that light as a feather, Italian products are unlikely to heat you in real frost. There will be more benefit from the not so elegant Turkish or Australian “sheepskin”. They are a little heavier, but they have not cut thick fur.

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