Most Bizarre Ways To Ship Cars Use By Transport Companies

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The auto industry is at the top in terms of creativity and advancement. Modes and shipping methods are constantly changing in this industry, and some ways are downright bizarre for ordinary people. Here we will discuss the most bizarre ways transport companies ship cars. Car shipping is a hectic task, but these companies make this process so hassle-free with the odd ways.

Nowadays, countless companies in the auto industry are working, but everyone is concentrating on the different and unique ways of transportation. The main reason is to make the transportation process more hassle-free for both customers and companies. Hence, we collected some fantastic shipping companies shipping cars across international borders.

When you are thinking of shipping your car with the help of a car transport company, then you must know bizarre ways to do this task. Here we list all the unique patterns used in the modern world to ship cars across international borders. From containers to air freight, you must know every unique way to transport a vehicle across the globe.

Car Shipping in a Box:

Can you imagine shipping a big car into the box? Yes, it is possible and this dramatic way also used by the auto transport company to send cars. In the mid of 90s manufacturers were used this type of car transport approach from one country to another. What is unique in this fact? This way is unique because boxes are not sufficient to fit a car, but car transport companies possible this fact with customized boxes.

Trail Mobile:

A semi-truck is a new invention known as the trail mobile. This way is also unique to shipping cars and commonly used by auto transport companiesUsing a trail mobile is an excellent and bizarre idea by the companies they use to transport cars in long-distance.

On the Train:

The train is the most common and traditional way to transport big vehicles and assets from one country to another. However, it depends on the type of train you choose to transport your car. In recent years, many different ways used by auto companies. A common trend that is still bizarre for everyone is vehicles by train.

Shipping Car on Open Containers:

Open containers are not pretty much safe for the shipment of the car, but still, this approach is also in the trend. The primary reason to choose this approach by the customers is cheap pricing. Yes, this car shipping approach costs less than a cover container. However, sometimes customers also face colossal loss and damage in a vehicle due to the weather possibilities.  

Backs of a Team of Porters:

We are talking about 1940, when rich people use this approach to transport cars from one country to another. This approach was used in the countries of Asia like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Cars can easily transport their wheels and strapped in between slight difference of countries, where only mountains are the barrier.

Cargo Containers:

One of the reliable and bizarre choices for the customers to ship their car is the cargo containers. These are reliable methods to ship your car. Cargo containers are also safe for vehicles, and the height of these shipping containers is between 20 feet to 40 feet. Cargo containers are valid for both state transportation and the international transportation of cars.


When looking for the cheapest method to ship your car from an  Auto Transport Companyconsider this unorthodox approach. Indeed, this method is cheaper for the customers. This method works on large shipping vessels for transport globally, and this option is best for companies and individuals.  

This method is mainly popular between importers and exports because of its cheap cost. However, your vehicle must be in excellent working condition to use this method.

Air Freight:

You can also ship your vehicle by air in the air cargo aircraft using the air fright method. This method is also pretty much unique in the modern world. However, this method is also costly and costs too much high than the road transport option. If you have a reasonable budget to spend on air fright because you want to ship your car early, then consider this approach.

Final Words to Know:

Indeed, these are excellent bizarre approaches to ship cars from transport companies. The Auto Transport industry is completely changing now and improving more and more things to make tasks easier. Due to the advancement of technology, we also see so many innovations of different types of machinery and equipment in this industry.  

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