Top Factors That Affect The Price Of Your Color Diamonds

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The diamond formation has been a natural process going on for years now. During this process of formation, some trace elements find their way and get mixed to give diamonds a tint of colour. These newly formed colour diamonds are rare, and some are found only in a few low numbers. This is what makes them unique and hence more excellent market value. The price of certified loose diamonds is directly related to many factors that can’t be controlled.

Colourless diamonds appear without any tint to the naked eye. But pure white diamonds are not in high demand as they don’t show any of the spectacular characteristics which make diamonds so desirable in the first place. That’s why colour is such an essential component of this gemstone, and at the same time, it is one of the most critical factors that affect the price of your diamond.

Different Range of Colors

The tints of diamonds can range from light yellow to brownish red, with some stones even containing shades of green and blue, although these are extremely rare. If you have a beautiful and flawless diamond, you can expect to pay a reasonable price as it will be more valuable. The colour of the diamond is graded on a scale from D, meaning completely colourless, to Z, with the most robust visible colour. These diamonds are graded based on their clarity and visual characteristics like fire, light and depth of colour. Some of the rare colour diamonds are known to have an incredibly high value in the market.

How is Diamond Pricing Done?

Diamonds are available in different sizes, shapes and colours. Once you know how diamond prices are usually determined, you’ll be able to understand the reasons why bigger diamonds with the same colour may cost more than smaller ones. For instance, while they are less abundant than smaller stones, larger diamonds can be found at a lower per-carat price because they’re not as rare.

Some of the world’s most famous gemstones have been discovered in large quantities. The Cullinan Diamond and the Excelsior Diamond are two examples that fall under this category. Apart from the size, other factors account for the price of diamond-like carat weight, cut quality, and clarity level.

The Science Behind the Color in Diamonds

Your diamonds are coloured by external pigments and sometimes by structural defects at the atomic level. The unique patterns created by each diamond colour influence the overall appearance of your engagement ring or other pieces that you may have.

It is hard for a naturally occurring mineral made of carbon to have no blemish on its surface. This blemish can affect the diamond’s fire, clarity and lightness of a colour. So, it’s not surprising that such certified loose diamondsare highly prized for their beauty and ability to radiate light.

Factors Affecting the Price of Colour Diamonds

While deciding the price of diamonds, a few things are taken under consideration. You can keep these in mind to help you save money while buying some new diamonds for yourself. A handful of factors determine a diamond’s price, and the main ones are detailed here.

  • Diamond Shape

Round diamonds are less expensive than any other shape. The weight and quality are also much higher with round diamonds and increased life expectancy. A diamond with a more complex or attractive shape is considered more valuable.

  • Diamond-Cut

A cut diamond is significantly cheaper than an uncut diamond because cutting costs more time and expertise at the expense of size and weight. The clarity and number of facets are also considered in the final cost. With this factor, you’re paying for quality. It would help if you were careful when considering this factor as treatment of a diamond’s cut can increase or decrease its value depending on its type and complexity.

  • Colour

Among all, colour is a vital part used to determine the price of a diamond. It directly impacts its value and is usually graded on a scale from D to Z, with higher colour being more expensive. Diamond shape and cut are also considered when setting an accurate price for your engagement ring or other diamond pieces. This factor can significantly affect the value of your diamond if it is a rarely occurring colour.

  • Clarity

With this factor, you go directly to the heart of your diamond’s value: its clarity level. The more clarity, the more valuable your diamond will have. Diamonds can be treated to enhance their colour or completely change them. However, it’s a rare occurrence and tends to have a long-lasting effect on the price of your diamonds.

These are some of the points you can consider to determine the worth of your certified loose diamondsat an individual level. You can acquaint yourself with these facts to make educated and reasonable decisions while investing your money in a diamond purchase.

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