Parents Need to Create Boundaries on Children for Screen Time

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Creating boundaries for children spending time on smartphones is essential since a large number of kids use it for several tasks and since excessive screen time use is not good for health.

Parents Need to Create Boundaries on Children for Screen Time 3

This article goes on to explain the significance of controlling mobile use of a child and how selecting the best parental control App can help.
The dangers like cyberbullying, cybercrime, like identity theft, explicit content exposure is higher for kids using mobile for more extended hours. Parental Apps are used to monitor child mobile activity and limit their mobile usage as well.
Dangers of excessive Screen time
Extended use of mobile phones is believed to affect the health, especially for younger kids. Several past studies already exist on this subject, and many more are likely to be done in the future.
With more advancements in technology the task of parenting has evolved and become more challenging. There is now a new list of issues for parents to deal with to protect their children.
List of dangers of excessive use:
  • Kids can strain their eyes if they use a mobile device too much.
  • Overusing a smartphone affects the rate of blinking of kids as well. This, in turn, causes dry eye syndrome.
  • Kids risk developing near-sightedness as well due to spending long hours in front of a screen instead of playing outside in the sun.
  • Even young children are quick to learn the working of a mobile device and tablet. Thus, they discover many different Apps of interest. This increases the risk of kids spending more time on a device.
  • Kids with excessive smartphone use, are more vulnerable to cyberbullying, spam, identity theft, etc.
  • Internet addiction is also slowing becoming a big issue due to teens with their own mobile devices.
  • It also affects the academic performance of a child to some extent.
  • The danger of kids suffering from depression has a relation to over usage of mobile devices. 
  • Kids develop a fear of missing out, are more anxious and are more vulnerable to strangers. 
  • There is a link to attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorders in children as well due to using phones too much.
  • Can lead to learning difficulties and kid may not be able to grasp information fast as well.

 The significance of parental control App

A parental control App helps parents take control over the mobile devices of their children and take all the necessary precautions they think appropriate.
  • Helps parents limit child’s screen time by restricting the time of individual Apps or category of Apps.
  • Filters content to protect kid against explicit material.
  • Monitor call log secures the teens from strangers. Parents can take full control over the child device and even block contacts if necessary.
  • Monitor kid’s online activity including that of social media Apps, violent games, instant messages, etc.
  • Parents can block apps and prevent them from installing new ones. Thus, a parent can be confident the kid is safe from unwanted content and spending time only education Apps or other Apps approved by them.
  • Location tracking is made possible; hence a parent is always aware of where the child is going.
  • Parents can schedule phone usage to prevent a child from using their devices at any time of day as they seem fit. For example, to stop a child from playing games at school or while in bed at night, parents can schedule the game time for only 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Parental control Apps have several other GPS features which allow parents also to monitor child movement are receive alerts for it. They also include an anti-theft feature to locate if stolen and can even monitor the speed at which their child is traveling. 

Frequently Asked Questions
        How do I manage my child’s mobile usage?
Parents restrict mobile usage and schedule mobile usage. This allows a child to use Apps at a time set by parents. For example, parents can limit game-time to a specific time of the day and even prevent a child from using Apps at bedtime.
        How to send SOS in an emergency?
A child can send a panic alert message in case of an emergency by activating an SOS button.
        How to find a child’s lost mobile?
Parents can use GPS to find a mobile that has gone missing. A parental App location tracker can see a smartphone within seconds; the same applies in case of theft.
Bit Guardian is thebest parental control App around for parents seeking to prevent their children from excessive screen time. It has a big list of features that include being able to schedule mobile phone usage along with several pre-set modes like Bedtime mode, Game-time mode, and many more. These modes are also very easy to set up. It is also possible to block any App and keep track of whereabouts of the child. 
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