6 Dynamic Office Desks Designs to Keep You Inspired

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6 Dynamic Office Desks Designs to Keep You Inspired 1

If you find yourself struggling to stay motivated or generating new ideas for a project you are working on, perhaps the reason lies in the layout of your home office. Unconventionality helps trigger a more creative thinking process. You don’t have to arrange your work area in a weird manner or set it up someplace in your home where it would be strange to work.

Typical desk designs are too limited to accommodate varying work demands and arrangements for comfort. As such, it pays to consider functionality, support, and ingenuity when purchasing home office packages.

Office desk designs should be customised according to your work needs

Working at home or setting up a home office has its perks. You no longer have to wake up early hours to catch a train or bus. You can work even while in your comfy PJs and fluffy slippers. You also have more flexibility with time.

Meanwhile, the convenience of a work-from-home setup should be embodied not just in concept, but in how it is executed as well. In other words, a home office arrangement that highlights creativity, comfort, and productivity is a must. With steadily increasing opportunities for remote work, home office packages must be crafted with practicality and comfort in mind.

How can this be achieved? Consider the following ideas for office desk designs:

  1. Desks with storage space

Excessive clutter on your desk prevents you from concentrating on your task. If you find your home office accessories constantly falling off your desk or if your files are stacked haphazardly over each other, then it’s time to invest in a desk that allows more areas to store your work essentials. Some desks have built-in cabinets, drawers, pen organisers, and movable stands for keyboards.

  1. Curved or floating desks

Curved desks are great for maximising small spaces. You can place a curved, flowing desk at the corner of your home office to allow more room for movement and other furniture. Floating desks are perfect for those who have toddlers and young children at home because it keeps your files and work tools out of their reach.

  1. Dual-purpose desks

A dual-purpose desk can serve two purposes. It can be used as a table or a place to lounge. A typical example of this is a curved desk with a space to sit underneath. Another example of a dual-purpose office is a foldable table that can be rearranged into a chair. The flexibility of such design promotes a comfortable way to brainstorm ideas, focus on work, and maximise limited space.

  1. Portable desks

Portable desks enable mobility around the workspace. Movement makes it possible to multitask, especially during hectic work hours. A moveable office desk is perfect for people handling multiple projects, executives and secretaries communicating with different clients and company departments, and even stay-at-home moms and dads juggling parenting with work.

  1. Desks with built-in, retractable cover or hood

Designer Sophie Kirkpatrick introduced this design. According to Kirkpatrick, her hooded Duplex Workspace Desk helps diminish distractions at work. As a result, people get to concentrate more on completing their tasks.

  1. Bed-desk combination

If you have limited space at home, try creating a built-in desk out of the frame of your double-deck bed. Leave your bed at the top bunk and transform the lower part of your bed into a work table. You can even use the ladder on your bed as an additional storage space for all your books and relevant documents.

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