Popular Haircuts For Men 2019

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Popular Haircuts

If you Google ‘popular haircuts for men 2019’, you will get numerous websites with pictures of men supporting weird hairstyles. Please do not be fooled by those images, as those haircuts are not only weird but outright ugly. If you are conscious about your physical appearance then selecting the right haircut becomes even more important.

If you go to any salon or hair salon, they will bombard you with different styles of haircuts. PLEASE do not listen to them. If you want advice, look to the fashion capitals of the world. One such emerging fashion capital is Dubai. You can easily find the world’s best hair salon in Dubai. Not just the best hair salon, you can easily find the world’s best salon in Dubai just as easily.

These salons not only wish the best for their clients but are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends around the globe. Dubai’s official entry in the world’s fashion scene can be pinpointed to its hosting of different fashion shows and its designers getting worldwide recognition. The construction of the Dubai Design District (d3)[1] further cements its position as an emerging fashion capital.

The d3 is a purpose-built district that is dedicated to the design community and will house the world’s most renowned fashion, design and luxury brands. Apart from this, Dubai is set to host a variety of international events related to the fashion industry in 2019. Now let us see, what Dubai’s salons have to say about the top most popular haircuts for men in 2019.

1.      The Fade Haircut

It is one of the most popular haircuts for men and continues to rise in popularity. This unique haircut features a gradual taper in the hair length. Towards the top of the head, the hair is longer. Moving towards the bottom, the hair gets shorter in length and depending on the style, can even be faded into the skin.

Like most haircuts, there is plenty of room for variation. Depending on the salon, they will help you select the best variation that magnifies your physical appearance. These variations are related to the fades and men can choose the following:

  • Low;
  • High;
  • Bald;
  • Drop;
  • Bald;
  • Taper;
  • Temp;
  • Skin;
  • and

The high fade begins high on the sides and back. It gradually tapers down towards the bottom of the head. On the other hand, the low fade begins lower on the sides, near the edge of the hairline. Unlike the high fade, the lower fade has barely noticeable tapers. Some expert hair salons combine the different fades, e.g. low skin fade.

Source: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com/best-mens-haircuts/

2.      Buzz Cut

It is for those men that feel confident in short length hair. It brings a more refined look to a person’s face. Tom Hardy, who portrayed Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ supported the buzz cut haircut. The famous WWE Wrestler Randy Orton has also supported this look over the years. The hair cut is using electric clippers, although some salons still use razors.

Like the fade cut, it also has variations. This haircut is best for men who want a low maintenance hairstyle, or men with receding hairlines. Military personnel throughout the world also use the buzz cut for its uniformity and low maintenance.

Source: https://www.gq.com/gallery/buzzcut-guide-summer-haircut

3.      Undercut

This style has a history of being one of the most popular haircuts among men from the last century and is popular even today. A standard undercut features long hair on the top of the hard which can be pulled complete backward or towards the side. The back and side are cut very short using clippers.

David Beckham is one of the most renowned personalities to have supported this haircut. Even female celebrities like Rihanna have supported this look. This style is undoubtedly bound to get you some attention from the ladies as well.

Source: https://haircutinspiration.com/undercut-hairstyle-for-men/

4.      The Quiff

This haircut was made famous by one of the greatest musicians the world has seen, Elvis Presley. This haircut adds more volume to the hair and is perfect for men with thin or receding hairlines. The hair is cut short at the sides and brushed towards the back. The hair is left long at the top, and the top of the hair is pushed forward.

The hair towards the front is not pushed forward. To give its unique look, the front hair is unevenly brushed up. This haircut is trendy among the ladies and is deeply cherished because it presents a rugged but stylish look for men. The hair must be at least four inches long to get that highly voluminous look.

There are different versions of the quiff hairstyle such as messy quiff undercut or the long top quiff, but the philosophy behind the haircut remains the same. Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, and many other celebrities have rocked this haircut.

Source: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/popular-mens-haircuts/

5.      Slicked Back Hair

It is a classic hairstyle that has re-emerged over the years due to its versatility and prominence among the top personalities of the world. This haircut can be used in conjunction with other styles such as the pompadour or comb-over. For men who prefer a more classic version of this haircut, barbers usually recommend a low fade slick back.

Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo Dicaprio are few of the many celebrities that have rocked this look over the years. When this haircut is combined with shiny, wet hair, it gives a uniquely sexy look that is bound to raise a few eyebrows. Even the ladies find it challenging to shy away from this haircut for themselves as many have adopted this haircut for red carpet appearances.

Source: http://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/slicked-back-hair-for-men/


This brings the curtains on the top haircuts for men in 2019. These haircuts will bring out the best out of your personality, and you can expect compliments from your family and friends. You can expect even the ladies to take a good look at you.

If you are still undecided about which haircut is best for you, book an appointment and let the salon guide you. After all, it is the job of these professionals to guide you about the latest trends and which style is best suited to you.


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