Quantum Computing is ready to boost Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

“AI”and “quantum”, these two words might look easy and understandable but it is very complicated, to sum up, these massive fields in just one article. The limitation of traditional computing to execute large algorithms despite there is high potential in the existing computing taking care of IoT and Big Data issues are still problematic. One can say that “Quantum Mechanics” is the preferred technical solution to make computer science step into a brand new era of algorithms execution.

What Is Quantum?

The term “quantum” is often overused same as AI. The word “quantum” is linked to the atomic energy levels quantization. But, today the “quantum” is defined as the place where the objects are both waves and particles with probabilistic measurement.

What Is Quantum Computing Artificial Intelligence?

Quantum computing artificial intelligence belongs to the usage of quantum computing that is needed for the computation of machine learning algorithms. Both Quantum ComputingandQuantum AI are innovative technologies that ensure a revolutionary future. Theyhavemany computational benefits. This gave rise to quantum AI to accomplish top results thataredifficult with classical computers.

In the year 1950, a paper was published by Alan Turing on the concepts of Intelligence and Computing Machinery. In the current era, the restrictions on computers have decreased gradually. Machine learning consists of immense capabilities to understand from its experiences. To get this kind of intelligence complex machine learning algorithms and various other computers were needed.

Based on a report from MarketsandMarkets,the quantum computing market will grow to USD 283 million at a CAGR of 24.9%,from USD 93 million in 2019.

Here are a few ways quantum computing is offeringbenefits to superchargeAI:

·         Quick problem solving

With the growing size of data sets quicker than the quantum computing artificial intelligenceresources, many industries have understood that quantum computers can complete calculationswithin seconds, which will take many years for today’s computersto complete those calculations. The quantum computers use “qubits”, which is a combination of both zeros (0) and ones (1)at the same time. This is the main difference, because of which quantum computers are quite swift.

·         Tackle fraud detection

In the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), quantum computing artificial intelligencewill be very helpful in combating and improvingfraud detection. Quantum computers are quite capable to detect patterns, which are tough to spot using traditional computers. The highly improvised algorithms are helpfulto manage the volume of information. There are severalquantum models which can be used to enhance these systems’ performance by the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) to offer the customers customizedservices and products.

·         Better solutions for information technology

The field of Information Technology can get better solutions by using quantum computing. For instance, to handle the massive amounts of unstructured datamake it into a structured one. Developing better models with quantum technology will lead to top solutions in the field of IT. This will also overcome the problems likedowntime and other time-consuming works. Many organizations will get benefitted from this and could effectivelywork on complex projects.

Quantum computing language

The developers from ETH Zurich, Switzerland have introduced the high-level programming language for quantum computers, called “Silq” this quantum computing language tackles the various issues of quantum languages such as unintuitive and cluttered code by offering end-to-end support for safe and automatic uncomputation. Silq isspecially developed around the construction and functionality of the hardware to extract the details from the low-level implementation of quantum algorithms.

Wrapping up

Quantum computing will be supercharging AI much quicker than any traditional computing. These abilities will be very useful for various businesses. As it is still in the development stage it is tough to say the exact time when it will be successful.

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