Simple Bodyweight Workout Routine

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Simple Bodyweight Workout Routine 1

Daily workouts are a requirement for one to have a healthy, fit, and flexible body. Hitting the gym can be costly and time-consuming, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for failing to work out even a single day. Bodyweight core workouts refer to the exercises that help your core muscles stay healthy. The core muscles constitute the front, side, and back muscles that are located around your midsection.

Core muscles are vital in the human body as they increase the effectiveness of the body’s functionality, and more importantly, they increase the stability and flexibility of the whole body. Apart from those functions, strong core muscles will increase your ability to perform day-to-day activities such as walking.

The body’s activities are coordinated by the six-pack, external transverse abdominis, the inner and outer obliques, and the erector spinae. Therefore, when working out, ensure that all of the core muscles benefit from the exercise you are performing.

Here are some of the workouts that one could implement to strengthen their core. Before getting into it, head over to Muscles fax and check out some of the workout supplements available. They will help to complement your training routine.


This is a very common and useful bodyweight core workout. To do this workout, lay on your back and place your hands on the back of your head. Then, bend your knee slightly and sit up until your elbows touch your thighs. You can then slowly return to your original position. Always ensure that your feet remain on the ground when doing this workout. Repeat the same procedure for about 30 seconds, then have a 30-second rest before moving to another exercise.

Squat Jump

This is a useful but straightforward workout that helps you strengthen your leg muscles. To do this workout, you need to stand in an upright position on the ground. Your hands should be by your sides, then jump as high as you can. As you jump, you should ensure that you bend your knees, throw your hands up, and stick your butt out. Also make sure that you make a soft landing to avoid injuring your legs. This movement should be repeated for 30 seconds.


This workout is a combination of push-ups and squat jumps. To do this workout, you are supposed to lay on your belly and then slightly lift your body using your arms. Make sure that your back is flat. Your butt does not make a hill and your legs are close together.

You can then slowly drop until your belly touches the ground and then push yourself back up. After that, immediately stand up and do a squat jump. It would help if you were fast enough to do a number of burpees, and only regular practice will make you perfect.


It is important to note that working out your core makes it stronger and therefore reduces the risk of having back pain, which is always a result of week core muscles. Both athletes and bodybuilders need to perform exercises that strengthen their core. This is because a strong base will not only increase their performance but also reduces the risk of getting muscle injuries like torn muscles.

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