The Importance of Having a Valid Driver’s Licence and Insurance If Driving in Thailand

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Motorbike Insurance

If you’ve been to Thailand before then will no doubt agree that making sure you have your backside covered when it comes to things like drivers’ licences and insurances are pretty crucial? What happens in a completely unique country whereby one police officer could allow you to ride a motorbike without a helmet and not a word is said, meet his pal the next day, however, and he could very well charge you with not obeying the road traffic laws. Things will likely get a bit hotter if you don’t have a licence or insurance, then it’s up to the police officer if he will find you, or if the smaller fine will turn into a budgeting issue.

Safety first

If you haven’t been to Thailand before then hopefully you have fully taken on board the above points which could be used as advice to help you reduce your chances of being pulled over. Whether you’ve been in Thailand for some time, a return visitor or on your very first trip, then you should have safety in the forefront of your mind, if you don’t ensure nor, can prove that you are adequately covered for things like motorbike insurance by Rabbit Finance, whilst riding your bike, or being involved in an accident then your trip could start to become somewhat more interesting very quickly.

Why do I need one?

This will likely be a question of the person coming on their first adventure, some might think, what? It’s Thailand, a place where anything goes, and it can. If a police officer doesn’t like the look of you and you are not following the law you could end up losing some money, or lots. Unless you are very slow on the uptake you should within a very short space of time be able to answer your question when you see some of the driving skills displayed.

It can sometimes seem that some individuals have 0 care or interest in their own safety and that of others. Often you will see a family on one bike going the wrong way up or down a major road…. No helmets or safety equipment, insurance, tax or licence as standard, or you could see a group of young lads, perhaps only 12 years old or so racing down the road full clap laid back horizontally no handed, no safety gear, just out for a thrill.

Do as you’re told and you should be ok

The trouble is, as a foreigner if you are involved in an accident, even if it wasn’t your fault, you will likely receive full liability privileges quite quickly, if there are any fatalities then well, you could end up with a fine so large to pay that some people simply cannot afford it.

In a country like Thailand, you could be having the best time of your life one day and the next day a local officer with an urge of living it large that night might suddenly decide that your 6 months out of date tax disc that was fine yesterday has suddenly become a perfect reason to stop you and ask for some Chang or Hong Thong party tokens, always keep your self-covered and never outstay your welcome.

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