The Latest Technology Options to Install in your Car

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The blessing of technology has been there in the industry of automobile since its birth. But now, things have taken an interesting turn, when other wings of technology like sensors, internet, and cameras have joined hands with the steering wheel and every other mechanism that help drive a car.

Features like power windows and door locks, power steering, automatic weather control, automatic transmission are only names we heard a decade back. Now it is the age for features that can stop your vehicle without any human interference if the system can detect any probability of collision. There are several more to explore and install in your car.

But if the car you drive is lacking on these technology features, paying some extra bucks to have them installed in your model will be worth the investment both in terms of safety and convenience. If you drive a Mazda vehicle, consult the experts of your own dealership or that of the Phoenix Mazda to know the options for feature upgrade in your car.

Features that Can Ensure Safety

The era we are living in has already announced the launching of fully autonomous vehicles that can promise of eliminating the human error factor by automatically initiating the required driving inputs that are necessary to avoid a probable collision, breakdown or an accident.

Right now, though we are not yet seeing them that often on roads, we can expect them to be frequenting the roads in the next coming years.  But the recent cars that are being released by the most common manufacturers, are all equipped with a handful of the near-automated system that can take the right driving decisions at the right time when the driver fails to respond or apply his judgment in time. These features are rising in popularity, so much so, that the major manufacturing brands are now all set to offer them as standard. So check on these following safety features and consider to install them in your car, to ensure more safety for yourself and your family.

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Crash mitigation systems
  • Blind-spot detection systems
  • Drowsiness alert
  • Lane departure warning
  • Backup collision intervention
  • Side-mirror turn signals
  • Smart headlights

Features for Better Connectivity

The new vehicle technology is making the most of technologies related to information, communication, and even entertainment while moving on the road. Be it fetching the best driving route to playing your favorite media files, from using smartphones to knowing the latest weather and traffic updates, it can be all at the same infotainment system your car can consist of. Check out these dated connectivity features if you want them in your car as well:

  • Built-in navigation
  • Hands-free smartphone connectivity
  • Streamingaudiothrough Bluetooth
  • Voice-activated controls
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • USB ports
  • Wireless Charging Pad

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Comfort and Convenience

Technology features that can enhance your overall ride comfort and driving experience are on the rise as well. Here is a list of the most popular ones, that you can make your interior cabin equipped with:

  • Keyless ignitions
  • Power front seats
  • Heated and Cooled seats
  • Seats with massaging feature
  • Auto-fog-prevention feature for the Windshield

To stay informed about more such advanced vehicle technology features, keep in touch with dealerships like Mazda Phoenix.

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