How Can You Check Car History Online?

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One of the biggest excitement in one’s life is buying a car. Not many can afford the expense of owning a car. But worry not as you can get a used car at the fraction of the price of the new car. But buying a used car through a local dealer is fraught with risks of buyers getting duped if one is not experienced enough.

Got sweaty palms?

Hey, do not worry as in the below section you will get to know as how you can check the history of a used car.

It is wise to know the history of a used car before putting money on it.

A vehicle history report is like the analogy to an X-ray that reveals everything about a used car.

With the vehicle history report, you can verify the authenticity of the information that the dealer gives to you. Therefore, it is vital to go through the report before you make the final decision.

There are many online services that provide the car history report at free of cost.

From the comfort of your home, you can check the bike history, car history just with a click of a button.

As per the online vehicle history report services, the report is fetched from online servers of more than 1000+ RTO’s all over the country.The data produced is unbiased and independent of any single or private entity.

The main purpose of the vehicle history report is to keep the buyers informed of the genuine facts about a used car.

Armed with the vehicle history report, one can know crucial information like owner name, a number of owners, accidental history, a model of car, year of manufacture and many other factors.

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The process to check the history of a used car is quite simple. All you have to do is enter the registration number of the used car. After this, provide the system with your email id and the verification captcha.

After successfully providing the information the user will get the information about the used car.

If you want detailed info about a used bike or car then you can opt for ‘Gold certificate’ or the platinum Certificate’.

The Gold Certificate provides you with basic information along with basic details like – Registration Module, BlacklistModule, Theft History, Flood Damage History. The ‘Gold Certificate’ costs just Rs. 49.

If you want to dig deeper then, thePlatinum Certificate provides detailed insight into a used car. The Certificate provides details like- vehicle registration history details, car owner details, Advanced Registration Details, Vehicle Details, Blacklist Details, Theft History Insurance Details, Hypothecation Module, FloodDamage History, Vehicle Service Logs, Purchase Details.

The Platinum Certificate costs just Rs. 149 which is quite affordable given the in-depth details the Platinum Certificate provides.

One of the key features of the online vehicle history is that you can check the vehicle history certificate for any vehicle just under 10 seconds.

The vehicle history services indeed bring buyers peace of mind as it is the only way by which one can know the true details about a used car.

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