The Never Ending Debate over Adult Circumcision- What’s Your Decision

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Should men opt for the cut or not? To circumcise or not to circumcise? When it comes to the term “circumcision,” openly discussing anything about it is something that people classify as a controversy or a taboo. For years, this remains a sensitive topic in the medical community where some doctors support the idea that it has several health benefits, and others believe that it has no precise advantage. However, those that support the favor of opting for circumcision argue that it is the best choice to prevent any disease related to the penis.

Often, adult circumcision surgery is a procedure that parents choose for their little ones when they are infants. They do so at the time of the birth of their little ones, or within the first ten days of the birth of their child. Although this procedure is a common procedure among infants, in adult men it is quite rare.

Around the globe, research shows that the number of boys continues to decline. However, in men, adult circumcision is an inevitable trend. This remains a sensitive topic, but here’s what you should know about circumcision.

What is Circumcision in Men?

Although men are aware of what circumcision is all about, you should know that it is the surgical removal of the prepuce or the foreskin of the penis from the penis. Although surgeons often perform this procedure just shortly after the birth of babies, some men prefer to opt for it when they reach adulthood.

Why Consider Circumcision Surgery?

Circumcision is a procedure people often choose for religious purposes, but today remains a popular surgery that helps to prevent hygiene-related issues. In the United States, most male infants go through the circumcision procedure, however, in recent years most parents leave the foreskin of the penis intact. That’s when the men left intact in childhood opt for the procedure later in life. Men opt for this procedure for cosmetic reasons, or due to infections affecting the foreskin of the penis. Some men find it difficult to retract the protective skin, which they choose to remove to reduce the discomfort that tags along with it. Sometimes, doctors also encourage men to go through the procedure to reduce the chances of contracting any diseases.

Are There Any Risks?

Rest assured that circumcision is a safe surgical procedure, only if you choose the right Circumcision Center for the surgery. The only possible risks that tag along with the surgery include scarring and infection, but with the best surgeons, the surgery will be a safe one. In rare cases, men can have a skin bridge left on the surface, which may cause pain during erections. Some men complain of loss of sensation in their penis, and they end up blaming the procedure. Many communities are working on this particular issue, and work towards raising awareness. They often believe that the sex life of men can experience a change if they go through circumcision as infants.

Does Adult Circumcision Have Any Real Health Benefits?

While some health care experts believe that circumcision in male children is necessary medically, there are several reports and research-based findings that indicate there are real health benefits. Several health benefits tag along with circumcision including a reduced risk of problems like penile cancer and the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS from a partner infected.

The men who undergo circumcision are less likely to develop any kind of infections that relate to the continuous buildup of dead skin cells and oils, which accumulate underneath the foreskin of the penis. This can lead to bacterial infections like balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis,and paraphimosis. These often lead to the foreskin of the penis becoming too tight to contract. In addition, it helps to maintain better hygiene and prevent urinary tract infections. Concisely, no matter what option you choose, when it comes to circumcision in men, it all depends on personal preference, since there are often benefits and risks on both sides.

The Adult Circumcision Technique

The common procedure or technique that doctors use for circumcision in men is the sleeve resection technique. This often involves the removal of the foreskin in a ring-like manner. Surgeons often make smaller incisions using a scalpel in the inner and outer surface of the foreskin. This helps to make it a lot easier to remove the excess loose foreskin in a ring-like tissue. To stop the bleeding, the preferred option by surgeons is electrocautery. Once the bleeding stops, they use closure sutures to seal the incisions.

The sutures they use are fine and absorbable. The needle they use is a tiny surgical one, so you are less likely to feel any pain and it will become less. They use paper closures and additional tapes to reduce the chances of any tension on the sutures.

Rest assured that the adult circumcision surgery is a safe one that brings several benefits. Just ensure that you consult the best health experts for the best results.

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