The Perfect Living Room Decorating Ideas!

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Decorating Ideas

Have you ever wondered what the heart of the home is? One enjoys all the family movie nights, or unwind into a good book or music at one place, is the correct answer. And this space is a living room that presents the opportunity for you to show off your taste. And as the living room offers different ways, it has to be well organized with the right Wakefit furniture and décor. Whether your ultimate goal is to revamp your living room or refresh it, you are anyways bound to find a perfect way to get it done. The best way to begin is to follow the simple guide below that suits your personal aesthetic, lifestyle and budget.

Stepwise Plan of Action

There is a way to approach setting up a living room, and it is discussed below for easy understanding. This can be considered a fundamental guideline for starting and going about with creating or restyling a living space.

  • Measuring the living space: A precise measurement of the living room is first made either with a computer program or hand drawing. Then the living room furniture set is measured to see where and how it will fit. Draw boxes and make a rough sketch to place all the furnishings and check whether it suits and looks nice. If not, one can always rearrange and cross verify before making progress. 
  • Determine the focal point: A focal point is the centre point from which one has to work on arranging the living room. After noting the dimensions and deciding on this point, one must place the television at a viewing angle of thirty degrees. It must necessarily be 8 to 12 feet from the couch’s position. Then the additional armchairs and chaises must be positioned on either side of the wall where the television is fixed. To make a bold statement, one must add customized armchairs with unique upholstery.
  • Arrange extra accessories: After the couch is set around the focal point, one must place the storage cabinets and other additional furnishings like the coffee table and ottoman. The coffee tables should not be placed more than 18 inches away from the sofa as it will be difficult for a guest to reach out to them. The side tables must always go next to all the armchairs or on either side of the couch. 

All the furniture pieces must be 30 inches away from each other so that there is ample space for people to pass through. The storage cabinets must be placed against the wall wherever sufficient space is there. Open cabinets to display souvenirs, books and other family photographs are recommended to be positioned against a vast empty wall to be more attractive. The rest of the other accessories like media consoles and TV stands must be fixed under the television. Bar cabinets are optional, but they add luxury and elegance to the living area.

  • Assigning lamps: Lamps will stand on the side table, and if they are massive, they must replace the side tables. In recent times there are some floor lamps that are manufactured with a table attached to them. Chandeliers are the ones that have to be fixed first once the focal point is determined in the centre of the ceiling. Spotlighting and warm effects add up the charm to space. One can also use them to highlight art, sculpture and other décors in the living room.
  • Place the carpet: This is the final step in setting up a living room. The floor rug must be centred, and it must extend a few inches beyond the sofa and chair to look great. In some houses, the floor area will be already carpeted, and in such rare circumstances, a thicker contrasting rug can be added to ensure a better look and add warmth to the living area.

List of Things to Consider while Transforming

Here are the tips for an individual to keep in mind before revamping his/her living room. They are:

  1. Decide on the theme: Classic, contemporary, rustic, modern and transitional themes are the fundamental ones visualized by the typical crowd. It is vital to decide on the theme and work on the furniture choices so that they complement each other. Make sure that the theme also suits the entire house and lifestyle. 
  2. Choice of colors and texture: Color is the significant one that sets up the theme and mood of the living room, enhancing it. Mostly neutral colors are the widely used safe option by people so that they do not regret their choices at some point in time. But a color pop in the middle of the room is a bold choice to make the room stand out and elevate its look.  The texture plays the next important role, and it intensifies the color and creates overall elegance and luxury. Textures like smooth, shiny, rich, high quality and comfortable are the various categories of it.
  3. Accessorize: Accessorizing is making over the living room in affordable ways with paintings, cushions, and indoor plants. They will add beauty to space, and in order to make this choice available to everyone with more options, one should consider shopping online. These days even couches like a napper 3 seater sofa online purchase are highly possible. Therefore, all the decors and accessories are considerably small and easy to install, even if they are ordered online. This is the most convenient way to shop and provides one the liberty to shop with a variety of options with ultimate comfort at home. Reviews also help one in making the right choice.

Summing It Up

All the above suggestions will endure an individual to enhance his/her imagination skills and get inspired to decorate his/her living room in the most magnificent way. It is not mandatory to buy all the above-stated stuff to establish a perfect luxury living room. All it takes is one’s efforts and creativity to transform his simple space into a charming and stunningly elegant area. Finally, the mini-makeover will liven up the entire sitting room and create an enticingly gorgeous den.

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