Tips To Choose The Perfect Wardrobe To Keep Your Bedroom Organized and Clutter-Free

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Perfect Wardrobe

Wardrobes are the organizers that reflect one’s personality. They are not merely storage space, but they help an individual make life easy by prioritizing and arranging things neatly. For a bedroom, the essential part is the wardrobe, without which it is incomplete, and the functional role of the cupboard adds aesthetics to the bedroom tremendously. But the task of picking the perfect wardrobe for a bedroom is challenging and complex. There are so many innovative designs in wardrobes available commercially and an endless list of options to consider. But keeping in mind the convenience, budget and functionality, one needs to opt for the right design.

Checklist before Choosing the Perfect Wardrobe

With so many colours, designs, styles and types of wardrobe widely available, it is essential to prioritize one’s needs and then draw a checklist based on the requirements. Then it is essential to invest in the wardrobe to avoid confusion and regrets. Some of the factors to consider before purchasing the right wardrobe are:


The functionality of the wardrobe is the first criteria to check whether it serves all the needs and requirements of the user. The conditions and requirements may depend on the number of clothes to be stocked in, the number of people sharing, the need for drawers and compartments for accessories, etc. The type, size, style and storage space of the wardrobe all come under this category.

  • Type of the wardrobe: This depends on the amount of space available in the bedroom to accommodate the wardrobe. Based on this aspect, it can be either a free-standing one or a built-in wardrobe. The significant advantage of a free-standing one is that it can be easily shifted and moved from one room to another. It also becomes easy while moving houses. One can customize a built-in wardrobe according to one’s needs in terms of material, colour, size, style, etc. The different wardrobes are hinged door wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe, two doors wardrobe, three-door wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, 4 door wardrobe with drawers, etc.
  • Size of the wardrobe: This step is accomplished after measuring the dimensions of the room and then opting for the right wardrobe that suits the space. One must be clear about the required height he/she requires, and one should position it in a place that gives room for other furniture and bed.
  • Style of the wardrobe: The style of the wardrobe improves the aesthetic look of the bedroom. The wardrobe style has to be based on the bedroom interior, and it should match with the rest of the room with colour and theme. In short, the sort of wardrobe that one chooses must flow in harmony with the rest of the room design. The colour must blend with the rest of the room in terms of decors and design choice.
  • Storage space of the wardrobe: This depends on the amount and type of clothes the user owns. If the user has more long formal attire, he/she has to purchase a wardrobe with Wakefit hanger featured wardrobes. And if the person has more accessories, he/she has to opt for more drawers and compartments. The size of the cupboard is directly linked with the amount of storage space a person requires.


Quality matters the most if a person wants the wardrobe to last for years. A wardrobe is undoubtedly an investment, and therefore one has to purchase the right cupboard made of high-quality material that is termite resistant, sturdy, durable, withstanding variable temperature conditions and water-resistant. So, choose the material wisely. Wood is a widely used and highly durable material as per standards and people choices. But at times, acrylics and laminates are also a better choice that works affordable in rates and offers a variety of fascinating bright wardrobes in terms of colours. The other materials that are used to highlight and decorate the wardrobes are glass, leather and veneer.

Other Minor Criteria while Choosing Wardrobe

The following aspects are of minor importance but must be looked into before making the purchase to rule out regrets after making the investment. They are:

  • Wardrobe finish: This is the texture and works on the wardrobe that can be of various types and patterns. Some may prefer the natural finish, whereas few might opt for glossy, shiny and colourful options. Very rarely, folks who fancy metallic looks might like the highly mirrored ones. Some people always prefer monochrome and black and white choices.
  • Depth and height of the wardrobe: The depth of the wardrobe is what offers ample space to accommodate all the clothes in it comfortably. 24 inches is the ideal choice, and if is it more profound than this, one might struggle to dig or reach for items hidden at the back of the shelf. When it comes to height 45 inches is the ideal height that has a hanging option along with good drawers and shelves. The perfect height for a kid’s wardrobe is 15 inches and not more than this dimension. But when it comes to height, it is always preferable to get the closet customized in order to prevent the risk of not fitting in after making the purchase. Wooden furniture online options are numerous these days, but it is imperative to carefully check all the specifications and dimensional measures before making the investment.

Summing Up

A new wardrobe is not always a significant expense and does not intend to drill a deep hole in one’s pocket. With the right option, one can make the right choice of wardrobe to suit one’s budget. But always keep in mind the factors mentioned above, and once a clear understanding of it is gained, go ahead and pick the best wardrobe design that suits your interests and, most importantly, your needs. Spend time to choose the color, pattern and size and be more practical and creative before making a choice. Most of all, don’t fall for sale baits and only get what you want. This ensures that you finally invest in a quality wardrobe that also suits your needs and likes.

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