Top 5 Benefits of SEO from responsive web design

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Top 5 Benefits of SEO from responsive web design 1

Did you know more than 60% of websites online are not able to tap the maximum benefit of the internet that they could have taken otherwise had they used a responsive web design? The reason being simple; the websites are not optimized enough. However, many website designing company in Delhi are already picking up on this flaw and are using SEO to increase search engine result pages. This is very important as in the world with thousands of websites competing with each other if you want to stand out of the crowd and make it to the top of Google searches, make sure you make the most of the benefits of responsive web design due to SEO as discussed below.

  1. Increased speed of the website

Internet users expect a website to load in just a fraction of a second. If it takes longer than 5 or 10 seconds, so it’s obviously a design problem. Nobody wants to wait in this fast world and thus your website will never be viewed. With the loading time, the user will begin to get annoyed and will contact any others loading the website immediately. If you choose a responsive website design, the website can open easily on all of the user’s computers in no time. If the files downloaded on the web are smaller, it’s easy for Google to load them.

  1. Independent from the type of device

It is important to be able to open the web on any network and at any scale. Today, there are so many kinds of devices available on the market; you never know which product is favoured by which tourist. So make sure the site is flexible because it can quickly adapt. Also, if the site is adjusted to any screen quality and scale, the search engines can easily roll down and provide indexing of content.

  1. Get a boost with mobile-friendly sites

Did you know Google increases the rank of the websites that are mobile-friendly? A new algorithm introduced by Google in 2015 for search rankings made mobile-friendliness as a major factor for ranking higher. As more than 60% of people started using Google on their smartphones, Google introduced this new change. This number is certainly likely to rise in the future. It is also advised to use the responsive interface to make the web more user-accessible.

  1. Provide a better experience to the user

It is critical that the user interface is optimized and improved in order to increase the SEO rankings. The user should be able to move through the web quickly and there should be no roadblocks in the middle. The information they are searching for must conveniently be within their grasp.

A responsive web design means that the user interface is fantastic and that individuals love to spend time on the site. This will consequently increase the rank of your website.

  1. Plagiarism is a big no!

When you have different websites with different consumer platforms, ensure that the content is not replicated. Otherwise, SEO would likely be weakened in the long term. If all the content is different and good, Google can quickly crawl and index the content and get it properly sorted. Only when the entire content on it is 100 per cent original is a website deemed responsive.

A few final thoughts

As the website owners of web design, it is our responsibility to make sure that the web place becomes the best place to experience things. With constant technological improvements, it is important to make the website more user-friendly. The responsive nature of the website is then required to ensure that viewers do not face any kind of obstacles when surfing.

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