Upgrade Your Sunroom or Enclosed Verandah with these Easy Ideas

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Upgrade Your Sunroom

For those of us with the means, a home with a sunroom is a must-have. If you have a sunroom in your home, odds are it is going to be among your most-used rooms, and it is not hard to figure out why.

Sunrooms have been around since the 17th century when materials used in their creation, such as panes of glass and steel were readily available and affordable.

Having a room that lets in natural light during the day and gives you incredible views of the landscape is a dream come true and we will show you how you can upgrade your current enclosed verandah or sunroom.

Introduce Plants

The easiest and most rewarding way to improve your sunroom would be to introduce a few plants, and you can go as far as turning your sunroom into a mini, indoor garden space.

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Pick a few resilient plant species that need very little care; a good example would be the aloe vera plant. You do not have to worry about your plants dying when you travel; there are several automatic plant watering devices currently on the market for those times you do go away.

Polish and Sand Floors

An excellent way for you to improve the profile of your sunroom would be to take care of the floors, taking care of your floors means different things for different floor types.

Those of us with wooden floors in our sunrooms can improve the look and feel of your room by sanding and polishing the floors. If you are in Newcastle, consider using a floor sanding service. This process not only increases the look it also elongates the life of your current wooden floor, giving you more value for your purchase.

Sunrooms with concrete floors and those with ceramic tiles can also be upgraded relatively easily.


For most of us, our sunrooms serve as a getaway, a place where we can go and be alone, enjoying beautiful views of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

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You can upgrade your enclosed verandah this season by consciously adding the right furniture pieces. The pieces you add should follow a theme and be an embodiment of your personality and what you use your sunroom for primarily.

You can add a fish tank, games table, a dining table, video games, extra storage space, and the likes, all these and more can be added to your sunroom to make it welcoming.


There are few items capable of making a room look as sophisticated as artwork. Artwork immediately sends a message to your visitors that you have exquisite taste, it shows everyone that you enjoy and appreciates creativity.

The most popular type of artwork used in sunrooms is paintings, and they are straightforward to install and make a stunning feature.

You can also introduce sculptures if you are interested in such artworks. Include artworks created by those you love, remember the art competition your daughter participated in earlier this year, why not display her entry in your sunroom?

Sunroom Theme

One mistake that a lot of sunroom owners make is the failure to include a theme, and a theme gives your sunroom personality. When a guest walks into your sunroom and sees it covered in Wallabies gear, they would immediately know that your sunroom is also a de facto sports room.

A few of the most popular themes include Neutral & Natural, where space has a natural feeling thanks to its organic hues and textures. Another popular idea would be a rustic-cabin look featuring toned-down furnishings, neutral palette and a cabin in the woods vibe.

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