Want A Career In HR? Here’s What You Need

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Want A Career In HR? Here’s What You Need

There are many roles that fall under the umbrella of human resources. Each of them requires a specific set of skills. If you are looking to start a career in HR, then you certainly need to have these skills. Though each role has its own requirements, a few things are common to all. Since you’re just starting, these will help you get off the ground and towards a career in HR.


All roles require a bachelor’s degree. It could be in any discipline.  A small portion of mid-sized companies also hire diploma holders or high school graduates for human resources. But most need at least a bachelor’s degree. Many enterprises and multi-national companies mandatorily need a bachelor’s degree.
Some even are open to candidates who hold HR certifications. If you don’t have a related background, going for a certification is a good option to make yourself eligible for the roles in human resources.


Not always, but a certification is helpful in proving competency to employers. Today from multinational companies to SMBs (small medium businesses) each one requires someone to look after their staff. However, unproven ability is looked down upon.

Obtaining a certificate will prove to prospective employers that you have the skills required to do the job and you have undergone examination to prove those skills. There are many industry bodies that offer certification in human resources. Companies favor candidates who come with certified abilities. Getting a certificate will put you ahead of the people who just have a degree. Certifications are available for different human resource roles.

Exposure to technology

Human resource departments across companies now heavily run on soft wares and other applications. These applications are used for recruitment, payroll management, to track employee engagement, attendance, performance, leaves, and more. Having hands-on experience with technology will give you an upper hand when you apply for a role in human resources. In fact, to get ahead in any HR-related role, it is vital to be good with technology.

Take an Internship

Companies today have a large human resource department which often offer internships. Taking an internship will provide a good experience. Internships can range from 2-months to 6-months. While hiring for full-time roles, employers tend to favor those who come with internship experience. There are paid as well as unpaid internships. You can reach out to human resource managers on LinkedIn to apply for internships. There are other portals from where you can apply for internships.

Taking up a HR-related role

In an offbeat way, taking up a role that is closely related to HR can also open up opportunities. For those who have no qualification, experience, skills, or certifications, this is a good way to sow the seeds for a future career in human resources.

You can take up a closely linked role in administration and move your way up. Moving up in an organization is a sign of progression which is highly favored by employers.

Look at all this may feel overwhelming, but it is not. You need to simply choose a path based on your position and experience so far. Keeping up with latest developments in human resources, following industry HR leaders, and staying updated with the country’s labor laws and regulations will also help you gain an edge and make transition to human resources easier. Now that you know what it takes to start a career in HR, go get started!

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