What are the Types and Materials of Scarves available Online?

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By the end of the 19th century, scarves have come a long way from an elite accessory to a universal haberdashery item that is accessible to all classes. Since then, scarves have begun to gain popularity around the world.

Nowadays, we wear scarves at different times of the year: both as an additional, but effective protection against the cold in the winter, and as an element of style in the harsh winters. Particularly popular are not monochromatic, but multi-color and even multi-textured scarves, which can be worn either for an official event or just for an informal occasion.


There are many styles and shapes of scarves, colors, and patterns made from various materials. We present to your attention the main categories of men’s scarves.

Wool Scarf

The thickest scarf. It is chosen mainly for protection from the cold and to a lesser extent for beauty. You can easily buy wool scarf online. At the same time, wool scarves come in different colors and patterns, often knitted rather than woven. They are made mainly of sheep wool.

Viscose Scarves

The most extensive group of scarves that should serve the owner, providing a warm and stylish appearance. Unlike thick winter scarves, for the most part, they have a woven structure. It is made from cashmere, alpaca or merino wool.

Cotton Jacquard Scarves

Such a scarf is often worn with an evening suit – a tuxedo or dress coat, it has a fringe, rectangular in shape and is made of silk satin, most often black or white, as well as their combinations. The fringe is often formed by hand, and the scarf itself, unlike the others, is not tied, but simply thrown over the shoulders, sometimes throwing it over the shoulder.

Summer scarf

Created specifically as a stylish accessory, such a scarf is often made of linen, cotton or silk in different colors and textures and is used as an accessory, not for protection from cold, rain or snow. It is worn mainly in an informal setting.


What the scarf is made of determines its thermal properties, how pleasant it will be to wear and how long it will serve you.

Sheep wool

When “scarf” is written on the label of your scarf, it means that it is made of sheep’s wool. Such a scarf will last a long time but is not particularly soft. This is the most common scarf.


Exquisitely soft and luxurious wool-cashmere – is made from the thinnest undercoat of the Kashmiri goat. From each animal, you can get only 150-200 grams of fluff per year, and this will be enough for one scarf. Unlike other materials, over time, cashmere becomes softer to the touch. At the same time, cashmere will easily and easily protect you even from severe colds, being very pleasant to the body. Often cashmere is used in combination with wool, which seriously reduces the price of a product.


Silk is considered to be the most royal fabric and clothes made with this fabric are often costly but now, you easily can afford a silk scarf even a pashmina silk scarf can be afforded easily at a wholesale price if buy bulk scarves.

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