What Changes are made in 2020 Toyota Camry?

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What Changes are made in 2020 Toyota Camry? 1

Toyota is a brand which people trust when it comes to cars. Thus, more and more people are opting for different models from this company for everyday usage. One of the cars which are drawing much of the attention is the new Toyota Camry 2020 model. Its elegant and stylish look along with performance makes it one of the best in the market currently. So, if you are planning to buy one get in touch with McCall Toyota dealership.

Take a look at the specs in detail!

The 2020 model

Let’s start with the changes which this 2020 version will have that is different from earlier versions. The biggest change which people can experience while riding is this Camry is performance-oriented that is outfitted by TRD (Toyota Racing Development. This vehicle comes with retuned dampers which stiffer spring support, it also the reason for this ride to be 0.6 inches lower than the previous models.

Moreover, the new version has anti-roll bars that are stronger along with additional stronger chassis and lightweight wider wheels that are wrapped in summer tires. Also, rotors of front brake has increased 0.9 inch diameter along with dual piston clamped calipers. In addition, the TRD particular exhaust system compliments the sound part.

Lastly, its exterior consists of an aerodynamic unique body kit and red interior gives it an amazing look. Also, unlike previous models, this 2020 version is equipped with Android Auto for the ultimate entertainment when riding.

V6 engine and different models

Its standard version comes with a four cylinder engine along with automatic 8 speed transmission; however, the acceleration numbers happens to be just ok. For the hybrid option, less powerful engine as well as electric motor is what powers it.

Now know about the real gem of this line-up. The XSE and XLE models come with V6 engine that offers a horsepower of 301. It has responsive handling and controlled ride. It has adequately weighted steering wheel which feels quite light when cornering or light when trying to maneuver in a parking lot.Also, the brake pedal is substantially responsive and not soft. Even in hybrid the regenerative braking system offers ample safety when driving.

The different trims of this car include L which is priced at $25,250 approximately, LE costs around $25,800, and SE will cost a maximum of $27,000. The real gems of this model are XLE which costs $30,200; XSE is priced at $30,830 and TRD $32,000 maximum. You can know more about the difference from a Toyota dealer near McCall.

Safety features

Another reason as to why people are choosing this car is its safety features. The previous models earned various safety awards in the safest car category. It comes equipped with driver assistance along with warning for forward collision as well as emergency braking automatically. Also, it has standard warning technology for lane departure and lane assistance and adaptive cruise controlling.

These are the reasons as to why more people are opting for the 2020 Camry. Going through the specs have surely made you think about buying this car as it is currently the best in the market.

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