What is it feels like to fall in Love for the First time?

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What is it feels like to fall in Love for the First time? 1

First love is a beautiful feeling: a young person who is just entering adult life gets to know what being with another person is, he also gets to know the taste of love. What is the first love, is it permanent or doomed to failure? How to help a teenager who has fallen in love for the first time and – regardless of whether this feeling is well or misplaced – expect our support? Below is a tutorial on pehla pehla first love: perfect for every parent, but also for young people who are experiencing this feeling.

First love – what is it really?

First love, also known as puppy love, is nothing but youthful love. For adults, it is often a fleeting love of carefree and slightly naive teenagers, but for them – a very important issue, both from the point of view of the young person himself and emotional development. The first love has a task in a young person’s life, despite the fact that it may seem like a waste of time to many parents. Psychologists assure: it is definitely not! You should under no circumstances underestimate your child’s first love, but enjoy it, even when – unfortunately for our child – it ends with a broken heart. First love is an important test: the test of knowing ourselves, our emotions, is a valuable lesson, during which we learn to be with another person, to show them feelings. First love is an opportunity to express emotions, to compromise, to make positive changes in yourself, e.g. a boy in love begins to learn better to impress his beloved, and a girl in love becomes more daring and self-confident under the influence of the beloved. Unfortunately, it can also be a bitter lesson when we learn to cope with a breakup and heal a broken heart, which, however, after some time becomes more mature and wise, which will allow us to make good choices and place our feelings in the future.

Kinds of first love

There are several types of first love, both with a happy ending and, unfortunately, a broken heart… It’s worth getting to know them, because each of them carries different emotions and experiences.

Falling in love as first love

This, of course, is the most common “variety” of first love and tends to occur in young people, including teenagers and even preschoolers. Such a fall in love should not be underestimated, and always have time to listen to the child. Let him tell us about his love, loved one, about his emotions. In this way – as mentioned above – he learns not only the other person but also himself. Falling in love may pass after some time (usually several months), but it also happens that the relationship of young people goes into the next phase and falling in love turns into a real, mature feeling, and the lovers decide to stay together for longer. Certainly, each of us knows at least one couple who fell in love with each other during their childhood, and their feelings have survived: it is worth believing in such love and cheering for it. Indian web series is one of the most romantic ones so you can watch to learn how it feels to fall in love for the first time.

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