What is Laravel PHP framework and why you should use it?

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Laravel PHP framework

PHP is one of the most used web developing languages ​​worldwide today. With the development of PHP, many PHP Frameworks appeared, but only one of them actually made use of the PHP language’s full potential.

Every PHP framework has its own set of implementations, features, and capabilities. In this article, we will learn what Laravel is and why you should use it. There are many professional Laravel development company India which provide the best solutions for PHP development.

What is Laravel and when did it come from?

Laravel is one of the free and open source PHP frameworks developed by Taylor Otwell. Aimed at supporting the development of website applications in model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.

The outstanding features of Laravel include clear syntax, a modular packaging system and dependency package management, and various ways to access relational databases, many other utilities to support application deployment and maintenance.

Why use Laravel?

Getting started is easy

If you already know what Laravel is, you should know why you need to use it. The first reason is that they can be used easily for beginners, even if you only know a little bit of PHP you also have the ability to develop and design a website with 5 pages in just a few hours.

Open source

The Laravel framework with free and open source code allows you to build large and complex web applications quickly and easily. All you need to do is install PHP along with a text editor to get started.

Community support 

In case you are stuck with tough bugs but someone has experienced and guided you, nothing is better. Laravel has an extremely large and powerful support library system compared to other frameworks. If you report bugs or violate the security of the framework, the community response will be very quick.

Follow MVC

The MVC structure and OOP (object-oriented programming) are still retained in the Laravel Framework, helping to provide better documentation, and increase performance. 

Built on the most efficient frameworks

Because it was born late, Laravel inherits the advantages and strengths of other frameworks, when there is a very powerful route. An electrical example is Laravel, which uses some of Symfony’s best components. 

Database migration is easy

Easy Database migration is one of the main highlights of Laravel. It will allow you to maintain the application database structure without necessarily recreating. Database migration also allows you to write PHP code to control database because you have to use SQL. It also allows you to recover from the most recent changes in the database. Hire PHP developer India and get these benefits of Laravel framework.

Complete security features

Your applications will be very safe when you use the Laravel framework. Laravel ORM technique using PDO, SOL insertion prevention. Additionally, Laravel’s crsf protection will help prevent spoofing from cross page requests. It’s a syntax that automatically escapes any HTML being passed through view parameters in order to prevent cross-scripting on your web page, and what you need to do here is to use the appropriate elements of the template.

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