What’s it like to be addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine?

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Among the cocaine users, one of the most widely known cocaine effects is cocaine high or cocaine intoxication. This high is usually the primary reason for people taking cocaine. This is right for people who love experimenting with using cocaine. Usually, cocaine users consume cocaine occasionally, but there are such cocaine users who binge use cocaine. But of all the reason, social use of cocaine is widespread as per cocaine treatment center.

Cocaine usage involves a lot of psychological changes. The person who is addicted to cocaine eventually changes the way he feels and thinks emotional. He also undergoes physical changes. These changes are usually caused by the cocaine effects on the nervous system and brain. Some of these changes are because of the personal feelings which the cocaine user carries to the experience. These feelings eventually fade away when an addict is getting treated at the Cocaine Detox Center.

So what do you think is like to be addicted to cocaine?


The main effect of cocaine intoxication is a particular kind of intense pleasure which is known as euphoria. The brain gets stimulated by the cocaine in a way that feels like that person has made some real accomplishment. It fosters a feeling of being rewarded, and this is one of the reasons why people want to get cocaine high time and again.


Cocaine high users usually have the delusion that they are feeling better and it is much better than they think about themselves. Under the effect of cocaine, they think they are superior to others. This is also called as grandiosity. This impact of the cocaine high usually has a specific appeal to people who are dealing with low self-esteem or people who need a higher level of confidence to perform day to day tasks.


One of the tempting effects of cocaine intoxication is that users feel more friendly and energetic, which makes it enticing to people who usually shyness or social anxieties, or who do not have the required energy to go out and achieve things, especially if their laziness comes from being in a depressed state of mind. People when get high on cocaine, become much gregarious and talkative and at Cocaine Detox Center they get treatment to overcome this issue.


Cocaine consumption makes people feel very vibrant emotionally and physically. The cocaine has a physical effect as well such as a feeling of stimulation and being highly active. Cocaine causes changes to a rhythm of the heart or breathing, feelings of being very cold or hot, sweating, nausea and muscle weakness etc. Cocaine Treatment Center helps the addicts overcome their issues quite well.

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