Why Are People Turning To Car Subscription As A Viable Option? – The Reason Is ZAP.

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Convenience and costs – these are two factors that tend to deter people from buying a car. Owning a vehicle has many unparalleled privileges –freedom, security, and comfort. However, chalking up that down payment and the prospect of dealing with those EMIs and maintenance fees that build up over time can take the sheen of this memorable life event. So is there a workaround that helps save money while not compromising on the car experience? Owning a car without buying it might sound like fanciful thinking, but it is now a reality. Introduced by one of India’s most trusted transport brands Zoomcar, the Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP allows interested customers to subscribe to a car for a flat monthly rate.
Why Are People Turning To Car Subscription As A Viable Option? – The Reason Is ZAP. 3

Down payments – Out of the picture
A down payment would usually amount to a few lakhs. This is money that has been saved over a long time. With the ZAP subscription model, there is no need to pay the down payment. That money can instead be invested in something more constructive. This is the prime reason why car subscription is making a case in cities across India. It keeps people’s bank balance intact.
Multiple tenures – free servicing 
Car subscription is an ideal choice for those who are not looking to commit themselves to long-term car ownership. This would work for young people who have just started their professional life and are not sure if they will be in a particular location for too long. A 6-month or 12-month car subscription is ideal for such scenarios. There is no hassle of finding buyers for a car when one has to move on.
These short tenures are also attracting car enthusiasts who want to drive all the latest models. Drive a sleek sedan for half a year and then move on to a hatchback and then an SUV, and so on. This is actually possible with a car subscription.
The longer tenures – 24 months and 36 months – are perfect for those who want a steady form of transport and not worry about long term maintenance costs. That is because car subscription includes free maintenance. When it is time to service the car, one just needs to make an appointment on the ZAP app. The car will be picked up and serviced by an expert team of mechanics, and it will be dropped back to the subscriber’s location after this thorough maintenance.
List and share option
Car subscription by ZAP is based on simple and sustainable shared economy principles. If subscribers are not using the car, they can even list and share it on the Zoomcar platform. The money earned reduces their subscription costs even more.

With rising car prices and the liabilities involved, buying a car might not be the most prudent decision in these uncertain economic times. ZAP’s car subscription offers all that car owners get plus some extra convenience like maintenance pick-ups and no down payments. It is time to innovate and take advantage of this unique model.
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