Why Choose VIVO S1 Under the Budget 20,000 INR?

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Why Choose VIVO S1 Under the Budget 20,000 INR? 1

Nowadays, mobiles have become an essential part of our life. No wonder, their prices reach sky limits as soon as any new advancement is made. VIVO is known to provide high – tech products at affordable rates. VIVO S1 is a revolutionary mobile with the coolest mobiles available for under 20000 INR in the market. VIVO S1 has the following features which give it an edge over other mobiles under the same price, thus making it the best buy.

  • It has excellent durability and is a great digital investment

VIVO S1 is a sturdy mobile that can survive a good amount of scratches and falls, although applying a back cover is highly recommended.

  • It is remarkably stylish in appearance

The S in its name stands for Style. This mobile will make your friends jealous with its sleek and stylish design. It comes in different glamorous colours which do not get easily stained. It possesses a gleaming diamond-patterned design which is surrounded by black which looks like brilliant stars in the night sky.

  • With 6 GB RAM, it is excellent for gaming

It can be really irritating to play games on mobile if it keeps on hanging. The phones usually hang due to less RAM. VIVO has ensured that this mobile serves the purpose of gaming very well.

  • Long-lasting battery with fast charging

Long lasting battery of 4500 mAh battery permits you to be on the go without worrying about carrying a power bank everywhere. Its fast charging technology saves your time and keeps the phone charged all day after charging just for a little while. If you are someone who travels a lot, this is the perfect phone for you as it not only clicks great pictures but also sustains on less charging time.

  • Extremely large storage of 128 Large storage permits space for more songs, videos, files, apps, and much more. VIVO S1 gives you an exceptionally enormous space for storing all your documents, PDFs, etc. without disturbing the normal functioning of the mobile.
  • Advanced and high quality front and back cameras

VIVO S1 includes a 32MP selfie camera. All VIVO mobiles are known for their high quality cameras and great video quality. You can even record amazing videos with creative in-built video filters of VIVO S1. It possesses AI Wide-angle camera which has the capacity to capture all the minute details. The AI triple cameras just add further perfection and accuracy to its brilliant picture taking capacity so you can capture the best moments with absolute perfection.

It is one of the best VIVO Mobiles under 20000 INR beating all the other brands. Its camera quality is significantly better than many high priced mobiles. If you are looking out for a mobile with great features, excellent camera but of low price, VIVO S1 is made for you. This mobile can perform all the functions as that of a costly one and even provides some cool video effects. Depending upon the model, colour, and storage its price ranges between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000.

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